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30 percent of Iranians suffer from fatty liver disease

30 percent of Iranians suffer from fatty liver disease and 10 percent from diabetes due to the kind of foodstuff that they consume, gastroenterologists said on Tuesday.
This trend is on the rise, they said.
Siavash Naseri Moqaddam who holds a degree in post-doctorate in gastroenterology said: “Our problem is that obesity is becoming popular among Iranian children and that in turn has both physiological and mental effect on the society; nowadays, unfortunately, the majority of families tend to have fat kids.”
Naseri Moqaddam expressed regret that today Iranian kids mostly consume chocolate bars, candy, soft drinks and cheese puffs which contain too much salt and eventually at older age they will end up having heart, kidney and fatty liver diseases.
“Tendency towards eating fast foods is another problem our society is grappling with as 25 percent of Tehranis head to restaurants for their meals,” he said.
Dr. Mohsen Tousi Nasiri, also a gastroenterologist, said one of the reasons of liver cancer is fatty liver disease.
He said the only way to curb the disease is to avoid eating too many calories which could result in obesity.
Tousi Nasiri said in our daily diet we should replace sugar and candy by healthier sources of natural sugar like raisin, dates, and honey.
He also said that Iranians have tendency toward bread and rice due to availability, tastiness and low price compared to other types of food.

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