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Ziyad attributed to Abu Sufiyan

Adapted from: "The Uprising of Ashura and Responses to Doubts" by: "‘Ali Asghar Ridwani"

Mu‘awiyah testified that Ziyad was the son of Abu Sufiyan, his father. Mu‘awiyah claimed that during the Age of Ignorance, his father had committed adultery with Sumayyah, the wife of ‘Ubayd. Mu‘awiyah claimed that Ziyad was born as a result of this sinful act. In order to prove his shameful claim, Mu‘awiyah relied on the testimony of Abi Maryam, a liquor seller who also acted as an intermediary for anyone who wanted to commit adultery.24

Mu‘awiyah claimed this child for his father paying no heed to the fact that the Holy Prophet (S) had said,

    «الولد للفراش وللعاهر الحجر.»

“The child belongs to the owner of the bed, and is forbidden to the adulterer.”25

It has been narrated on another authentic chain of transmission that the Holy Prophet (S) said,

    «من ادّعی أباً في الاسلام غير أبيه فالجنّة عليه حرام.»

“Heaven is forbidden to anyone who falsely claims someone as his father.”26

In addition:

    «ليس من رجل ادّعي بغير ابيه وهو يعلم اِلاّ کفر، ومن ادّعی ما ليس له فليس منّا.»

“Anyone who falsely claims that someone is his father, while he knows that it is not true has become an unbeliever [kafir] and anyone who claims something that does not belong to him is not from us.”27

This issue has been reported in many other credible Sunni books of hadith.


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