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Zionist Regime; True Symbol of a Racism, Violence

"The illegal domination of Palestine by the Zionists was chiefly based on three pillars:

A - Indiscriminate cruelty and violence against the Palestinian Arabs remaining in their homes in the Occupied Territories;

B - A non-stop campaign of constant and well-crafted lies to fool the world public opinion and portray Zionists as the aggrieved party;

C - Expedient negotiations with the powers to be in close contact with world's centers of power and wealth, and those who own and wield these."

Let us here consider various kinds of political ideas and ideologies which usually define a legal system which in turn help develop different types of power structures which are in accordance with, and fit within, the general cultural structure of a certain society, and indeed serve to maintain and preserve the ruling ideology.

By the same methodology, one can deduce that the limits and boundaries set for correct and incorrect behavior and also the types of crime prevention legislation in various societies differ and suit the dominant and ruling political ideology. Thus, if we skip some details, we observe rather similar overall power structures in societies, which are ruled by, for instance, socialist, or capitalist governments. But the political ideology of the Zionist regime's power structure is one based on and fire-breathing extremist, racist ideas. Therefore, if we base analysis of the power structure and various policy decisions of this regime "whether on local or international levels " on the fundamentals of this kind of dominant thinking, we can arrive at more illuminating, clear analyses.

Furthermore, this methodology can be used to correctly compare and contrast the behaviors, stances, and policies of the Zionist regime with similar governments ruled by the same [extremist] ideologies, and perhaps even use such studies to forecast future Israeli policy actions and reactions.

"Also, to call 'Jews' a 'race', who have lived separate from other 'nations', is nothing but a fable and a fiction. As a matter of fact, this very notion and fiction has paradoxically been used by both anti-Semitic Nazis, and Zionists themselves; both believe in a distinct racial identity, called Jewish, who is simply not given to assimilation with other nations. This could either emanate from his 'inherent superiority' " having been selected as such! " or, because the Jew has always been shunned and rejected.

"But the truth is that a 'Jewish race' has never existed outside of Hitler and Zionists' hallucinations. Throughout recorded history, 'Jews' have always been a part of large nations." 15

In his remarks on the subject, Imam Khomeini, in a brief, but poignant description of the birth of "Israel", says:

"Israel was born through the collusion and connivance of both the West and East's colonial governments and was intended to be used to suppress and colonize Muslim nations; and to this day, it has clearly been supported and secured by all neo-colonialist and expansionist powers.

"Among these, the United States and Britain have rather overexerted themselves in going to the extremes to militarily and politically support Israel, and through arming it with immense amounts of the latest and deadliest military hardware, they encourage and entice their creature into repeated aggression and barbarism against Arabs and Muslims -- as we witness in the continued occupation of Palestine, and continual grasps for other Muslim lands. The former Soviet Union also followed a deceptive policy of preventing Muslims from obtaining the necessary quantity and quality of arms to defend themselves, and thus, actively participated in maintaining and ensuring the security of Israel." 16

It seems, if we try to sum up the dominant political ideology of the usurper Zionist regime, we can chart its overall pre-dominant political outlook as follows. Main Foreign Policy Doctrine " it is based on aggression and militarism with the aim of gaining more land for even more immigration of Jews, so that they can superficially be glued together and called a race and nation. Main Domestic Policy Doctrine " it is one totally based on racism (the "inherent superiority of the Jewish race!").

"They have somehow gathered various peoples and populations from all over the world [by telling] them that they are all from one race, the Israeli race " this truly means a very racist move and movement indeed." 17

Therefore, it is not surprising that ultimately a trend and political conspiracy based on "state terror" is formed which uses a twisted, deranged understanding of Jewish religious texts " which prescribes the physical elimination of opponents as one of the first options " to murder its opponents with total impunity in a policy that both serves Zionists' inherently aggressive aims and satisfies the barbaric spirit of the occupying regime. "The Zionist regime has been intentionally founded on terror, bullying, violence, and cruelty, and has never changed itself or its chief policy since. Without using such shameful tactics it would not have succeeded, and likewise, will not achieve anything without such inhuman tactics ... [for] Israel's aim has always been expansion, and the Zionist regime has not hid the fact that it is not satisfied with Palestine alone. The fundamental Zionist aim is to create a 'greater Israel.' " 18

In a review of the history of our world's political philosophy, specially that of the Western contemporary era, one can clearly observe that in all administrative systems which have been born into the cultural land of political modernism, the principle of "nationalism" " widely recognized as a valued and fundamental principle " has itself caused some extent of collective "racism" among a populace, or a nation, and this phenomenon is in turn used to justify another still worse phenomenon, that is, colonization and exploitation of other nations.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we can vividly observe the colonizing characteristic of the Zionist regime both in policies and deeds.

"Political Zionism, once bereft of its mythical and false historical veneer, is nothing but the same old colonialism. Its only difference with classical colonialism is that Zionists do not just exploit the native population as a cheap labor force nor do they try to maintain a market for their products. They are thoroughly prepared to extend their 'colonization' to violently expelling the original inhabitants and intend to follow these plans and programs till the total extinction or eviction of all Palestinians in the occupied territories." 19

It seems fitting to remind all once again that one of the primary reasons for the formation of Zionist regime and continued occupation of Palestinian lands by Zionists has been the boundless financial, political, and military support of the arrogant powers of this world, led by the Unites States. This is a topic also covered on many occasions by the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei:

"First, with British help, thereafter, through American help and assistance of a large number of countries, and using the worst forms of treachery and mass terrorism, the Zionists succeeded in establishing their current occupation government inside the Occupied Territories for the past half-a-century or so." 20

And on another occasion Ayatollah Khamenei remonstrates that:

"One has to wonder at the expense and extremes the American ruling establishment has gone to in the last 50 years -- specially during more recent decades -- to ensure the stability of the usurper Zionist regime in the Occupied Palestine; truly immense amounts of 'capital investment', in terms of financial, political, and U.S. credibility that has been spent on Israel thus far!" 21

"If the oppressor and arrogant powers of the world, led by the U.S, had not provided such boundless, limitless support to the occupier Zionists " who have also proven themselves chief international terrorists, led by the current forged and fabricated leadership of Israel " they would not have lasted a day. This still holds true today." 22

"In the fifty-odd years of the life of the Zionist regime, every single one of 29 security council resolutions against Israel has been vetoed by the United States! And it seems that for the last decade the US has adopted a policy of not even allowing an anti-Israeli resolution to be presented, let alone debated." 23

Also, our late Imam was fully attentive to this unconditional US support and succor:

"It is the United States itself that is the chief supporter of Israel and its backer, and again, it is the US leadership which gives Israel the authority and power to turn Muslim Arabs into refugees." 24

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Adopted from the book: "Palestine Throbbing Heart of the World of Islam"

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