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A Brief History of Zionism

The first Zionist congress, deeply influenced by Theodor Herzl's theories and teachings " Herzl (1860-1904), was a Jewish journalist of Hungarian origin who founded the Zionist movement and has come to be known as the "father of Israel " " began its gathering in the Swiss city of Basel with the specific aim of "securing a homeland for [all] Jews in Palestine."

In fact, Herzl's first and most critical deed was to try to change the meaning of the word "Zion" (name of a mountain in the promised land) from its spiritual-religious, and perhaps disuniting meaning and roots, to something entirely different which meant various political, pseudo-religious-political ideas; and ultimately, founded the contemporary "political Zionism," whose pillars are shakily based on misuse and gross misinterpretation of true Judaism. And thus he forged and fed this "political Zionism" to many as a "religion" all unto itself.

"Political Zionism was the brainchild of Theodor Herzl, and he describes and elaborates on it, and its doctrine, in his book the 'Jewish Nation.' The fundamentals of his political ideology can be summarily summed up as:

1-All Jews, living anywhere in the world, regardless of the country they live in, collectively belong to a distinct "race."

2-Jews " at all times, and in every place in this world " have always been persecuted.

3-Jews are inherently incapable of being absorbed and assimilated into nations where they live and shall never be absorbed by such nations (a fact that serves as the certain starting point and cause of any kind of anti-Semitism and racism.) " 7 Rouger Garoudi

The political Zionist movement was led by Hertzl himself from Vienna until his death. Afterward, the movements' offices were moved first to Cologne, and then, to Berlin in 1911. Later, the Russian-born Chaim Weizmann " who was widely known as the leader of the British Zionists between 1916 and 1919, and was eventually selected as the first president of Israel " was very effective in obtaining British support for his Zionist movement. His efforts bore fruit in the infamous "Balfour Declaration," which if effect gave lands the British did not own to Jews, and gave them British guarantees to that effect as well!

Clearly, political Zionism is founded on, and rests on, purely racist thoughts and methods of thinking. It is in essence a dominant idea which in an intricately-planned, calculated conspiracy has tried to " with heavy and unrelenting reliance on false global propaganda " make all Jews alive today porgies of "one race who followed Abraham (PBUH), and obeying God's command, were led by Moses (PBUH) to the Promised Land, and through the Grace of God, after escaping wretched slavery, they evicted the land's native population, and founded an empire led by David (PBUH) [in Palestine."

Therefore, concepts such as "the promised gift of a divine right over Palestine," and the "superiority of the Jewish race," are the bedrocks of, and interwoven into, the Zionism ideology " under whose veneer they have shamelessly invoked this so-called "divine right" to usurp the rights of all native people there who have toiled and lived in Palestine for millennia. As the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution has put it in his clear and enlightening words:

"The essence of the Palestinian dispute can be summarized in the bare facts that a group of world's influential Jews began thinking of an independent country for Jews, and this prompted the British government to use their plans for its own neo-colonial policies and purposes in the Middle East." 8

"This land is the historical heart of Jews." This sentence was proclaimed at the Geneva Peace Conference in 1919. [It must be noted here however, that] beside what we read in the Torah, there is absolutely no evidence of the "Old Testament," in the ten centuries before the birth of Christ (PBUH) " we find nothing in any remaining Middle Eastern literature, nor has any evidence been found in many archeological excavations to justify such grand claims." 9

The Balfour Declaration itself was buried deep in the League of Nation's mandate granted to Britain in 1920, and slowly, but surely, ground was prepared for practical measures of moving large numbers of Jews to Palestine and soon, came the formation of a usurper, fabricated government called, Israel.

Zionists theoreticians were well aware that the essence of their continuation and persistence lied in trying to wipe clean the vast historical record left by the Palestinians in their homeland from world public opinion and consciousness. Also, they were fully cognizant of the fact that support for a nation is closely related to its existence, continuity, and the depth of its national, historical civilization.

Therefore, early on, they embarked on the sinister path of intentionally and gradually denying the original owners and inhabitants and even denied their historical rights; thus, trying to ensure themselves the continued occupation of Palestine.

"After transforming Palestine into an historical dessert (except for the brief period it was inhabited by the Hebrews)," Zionists began turning this land into a "geographical dessert," and shamelessly proclaimed Palestine "a land without a people, for a people without a land." 10

"Here the question arises: who were the original supporters and founders of the Zionist Regime? Facts point first to the British, and then to the American ruling establishment." 11

In its formation, we encounter a new process in the brief history of the Israeli governance " best described as a Zionist, militarist, and warmongering entity"which began in 1937 with the establishment of Ben Gurion's 12 occupation government, and after a hiatus, took only a new, more savage shape in 1967.

The political doctrine Zionists followed in this period comprised intentional militarism and barbarism, which are part and parcel of the entire Zionist movement whose leaders deeply believe in the efficacy of violence. This movement's basic ideas and goals since inception have been:

- Strangely, Israeli military doctrine does not limit itself to defending "Israel" " the only country in the world without a constitution or borders !! "but it aims at sewing instability and chaos among regional Arab governments, and is bent on ever increasing its "boundaries," using and justifying mass-murder, violence and state terror which are justified by some unclear part of a text in the Torah, such as that about "conquering the promised land from the Nile to the Euphrates." 13

"At this stage in the Zionist attempts at enlargement, it seems that unrealistic and confused dreams of some leaders of "religious parties" are common, as they are among Israelis. Some Zionist rabbies crave land and new conquests more than all others. They continuously justify on religious grounds the most barbaric Israeli military acts and adventurisms, such as the destruction of the port cities of Ture and Sidon, ransacking and looting of Beirut, and the massacres of Sabra and Shatila, Deir Yassin, and Kefer Ghasem just a few among them. These barbarisms were duly "blessed" by these high rabbies." 14

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Adopted from the book: "Palestine Throbbing Heart of the World of Islam"

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