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Zayd al- Shahham

Abu Usama Zayd al- Shahham al- Azdy al- Kufi reported traditions on the authority of al- Baqir and al- Sadiq, peace be on them. It was said that he reported traditions on the authority of al- Kazim, too. He was a reliable narrator and had a high social rank. It has been mentioned on the authority of Shaykh al- Mufid, may his grave be fragrant, that he said: "He (i.e. Zayd) was among the companions of al- Sadiq, peace be on him, who had knowledge of jurisprudence, from whom people learned the lawful, the unlawful, religious opinions, and the rules of the religion.

Traditions have been mentioned on him to show his high rank. For example, al- Kashy has reported a tradition in his book al- Rijal, p.216, on the authority of Zayd himself: "He (Zayd) said: 'I said to Abu Abd Allah: Is my name among those names (he meant the names of the people of the right hand.)' He said: 'Yes.'" Al- Kashy has reported other tradition on his authority, too: "He (Zayd) said: 'I came to Abu Abd Allah, peace be on him, and he said to me: Zayd, renew repentance and worship.' He (Zayd) said: 'I have announced my death.' He (Zayd) said: 'He (al- Sadiq) said: Zayd, we have no good for you and you are of our Shi'a (followers).... Zayd, it is as if that I had looked at you in your position in Paradise, and your friend, al- Harith b. al- Maghira al- Nasry is there.'"(575) And there are other traditions that lead us to his high position and rank.

Adapted from: "Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.)"

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