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Zahra (A.S.), Both Worlds Mourn For You!

Zahra (A.S.), Both Worlds Mourn For You! (Poem)
Composed by : Saleha Fatima Midhat

The scene of fire! The blazing fire flames! Was still trembling in the eyes of Hasan (A.S.) Husain (A.S.) The burning door of house, the rising flames of fire Smoke engulfing the house of great ones (A.S.)
A stroke hard stoke of enemy on the door The door in flames falling on Zahra (A.S.) Breaking her ribs and wounding her body The blood Alas! Flowing from wounds of her body A stroke with the handle of sword on her side Gave deep, deep wound! And pain on her side! Alas! One more lash by enemy came on her She screamed in pain, "Father come for help!" Muhsin, her son, the unborn precious one Crushed in her womb and taking last breath The little crushed body in arms of tragedy Sadness on its face innocent eyes closed Prophet’s daughter Zahra (A.S.) is wounded and fainted Fizzah, the maid servant, is raising her with help With support to her body, she rose and she cried "Leave Abul Hasan!" "Leave Abul Hasan!"
The rope tied around the proud strong neck Of Ali (A.S.), 'Lion of God' is proof of patience The promise of patience he had made to Allah (S.W.T.) The promise of patience he had made to Prophet (S.A.W.A.)
His strong hands in past had lifted gate of Khayber His hands with the sword made lightening fall on foes His hands in Uhud had received sword of heaven His hand could behead the arrester in a moment.
His hands took no sword, his lips were silent The foes pulled him out, his lips were silent Zahra (A.S.) raised her hands, innocent powerful Zahra (A.S.) And tears flowed from eyes and deep sigh on lips.
The anger of Zahra (A.S.), like anger of Allah (S.W.T.) Signs of Allah’s wrath, made walls rise high To crush her enemies and turn them to dust But Ali (A.S.) cried "Zahra (A.S.) be patient don’t curse!"
Although so powerful she stayed very patient Fadak, confiscated, and she was patient Ali’s (A.S.) right usurped and she was patient Her heart was tortured and she was patient How much of torture? how much oppression? Can mourner of father face in mourning state? Alas! Wounded heart was bleeding silently Finally on a night her heart slowed down Embodiment of patience kindness and mercy The pride of both worlds, Zahra (A.S.) is dying Her heart is beating slow her breathing is slow With deep sigh! Went sacred soul to heaven Her little four children around her dead body Crying "O mother please open eyes Your eyes are closed and body is cold! Our hearts are trembling at your silence mother!"
Ali cried, "Zahra (A.S.) you were like a flower Your fragrance had blossomed my heart and my mind How can Ali (A.S.) bear your loss O’ dear Zahra (A.S.)? My wounded heart will cry till my last breath!"
Sinless can bathe the body of a sinless Ali (A.S.) was bathing the body of Zahra (A.S.) He cried aloud in pain seeing broken ribs He cried aloud in pain for wounded side and arm Her body very lean and shroud tied around The face so innocent with smile of mercy The oppressed tortured lady ready for the grave Ali (A.S.) holding heart and curbing his cries Children hugged the body cried aloud in pain Hasan hugged mother and cried, "Mother rise!" Husain stood far, and said spreading arms "Call me close and hug me O my loving mother!" The body of Zahra (A.S.) trembled with grief She spread sacred hands and said, "Come my son!" Husain ran and hugged her with head on her chest Cried painfully, "You take me to your grave!"
The angels of heavens were crying desperately Tears flowing from her eyes Zahra (A.S.) said "Husain Pride of Ishmael (A.S.), and 'Savior of Islam' Husain (A.S.), Great Husain (A.S.), you are 'Life of Islam!"

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