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Things That Reduce RIZQ

Things That Reduce "RIZQ"
Adopted from : Imam Reza Network

Considering Namaz to be insignificant.
Being disrespectful with parents.
Addressing parents by their names.
Walking in front of the aged.
Cursing one's own children and praying bad things for them.
Breaking ties with the relatives.
Managing the financial affairs without any consideration and prior thought.
False swearing.
Expressing greed.
A habit of lying.
Turning away the needy.
Rushing out of the mosque.
Going to the market before sunrise.
Taking a long time in the markets.
Buying bread from a "faqeer" - beggar.
Sleeping a lot.
Sleeping naked.
Eating while lying down.
Keeping the dishes undone ( not washing them).
Not honouring bread crumbs.
Not washing hands before and after eating.
Using all kinds of wood for a tooth pick.
Biting nails.
Combing hair with a broken comb.
Being stingy.
Lavish expenditures without a purpose.
Eating and drinking in a state of "Janabat".
Urinating in the shower.
Urinating while naked.
Shameless behaviour.
Not wiping the spider webs.
Keeping garbage in the rooms.
Sleeping while the sun is setting.
Listening to music.
Sitting at the main door.
Eating in an unclean and cracked dish.
Sleeping between the time for Namaz-e-Fajr and sunrise.
Wiping the hands and mouth with sleeves.
Sweeping the house at night.
Leaving the food and drinks uncovered.
Having an appearance of a beggar.
Not praying for the parents whether they are alive or dead.
Being severe with the wife in matters of food and clothing.
Being lazy.
Being lazy in the religious and worldly affairs and not working enough.

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