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Youths and Politics

Adopted from the book : "A Glance at the World of Youth" by : "Al-Balagh Foundation"

With the advancemnent of civil life, and the intensification of the role of power and politics in the social and individual life, the relationship between the government and the people has increased.

Thus, the government takes care of the mission of education and teaching. It is the one which designs and determines information, and is responsible for security and planning, and it handles the economic and financial affairs. It is the one which presents services to people and the nation. It is the one which arranges the relationship of its subjects and other nations, interims of war or peace, friendliness or enmity, transactions or sanctions.

So, that is how the fate of an individual or a people becomes related to the government, and the relationship with the government means a relationship with politics and political life. Thus, politics and political life becomes an important part in the life of an individual. Therefore, it is necessary for him to give more effort and concentration toward the politico-governmental affairs and the type of system which it is governing; because it is the determiner of his fate and destiny, and has a say in all his wordly affirs, and his hereafter. Thus, Islam regards politics and political activities as a collective responsibility on the whole community. It is reported in a Prophetic Tradition that: "All of you are shepherds and all of you are responsible for your flocks (subjects)". 34 And it was also reported that he (s.a.w.) said: "Whoever wakes up and does not have concern for the Muslims' affairs, is not a Muslim." 35 And since politics is a guardianship of the society's affairs, so it is the most apparent affair which is necessary for the individual and society to put more attention on.

The struggle of peoples and nations against oppressive and dictatorial regimes and states is a continuous struggle. Surely, the oppression and dictatorship of some regimes has been, and will continue to be, the biggest problem facing humanity and against the well being and advancement of human beings, so this is what forces the society to rise against a cruel regime and to participate in politcial activities, in order to free itself and bring better living conditions, planning its fate and destiny and gives way to a regime which will take care of its life. And among the forerenners and vanguards of political activities and political life are the youths, and there are some reasons for this, among them are:

1. The youths represent both bodily and spiritual power which enables them to face struggles and challenges more than others. That is why they are more capable to resist against terrorism, opression and political dictatorship.

2. Political activities require an action under political groups, and in this stage, the youths look for collective inclination, i.e., collaboration with people, which pushes them instinctively towards political activities, in addition to intellectual satisfaction.

3. In the stage of youth and puberty, man faces inventions and changes, especially when the civil life circumstances rapidly advance in the field of knowledge, science and technology. Therefore, the youths turn toward political activities, as an expression of their desire to change and reform and shows their interest in development and civil advancement.

4. In the youth stage, the ambition of possessing a social role, i.e, position is power, is what pushes youths to join some groups and political parties, in order to gain social power and position in the society.

In 1971, a German analyst, Kavz, had stressed that: "There are differences between students and non-students among the youths, especially on matters of their concern in political activities, political as well as, ideological views...". Kavz also stressed that the demonstrations that occured in France in 1968 in which approximately 95% of those participating were students, while only 5% of them were non-students, shows that students are the most concerned about the political and ideological matters more than others from the ranks of the youth and other members of the society." 36 Indeed, among the most clearest proofs of the role of the youths in a political struggle is the Palestinian Intifatha against the Zionist's occupation, and their "stones" revolution which is frightening the terroristic Jews, even with all the power and weapons which they possess.

The youths are the vanguards of this revolution or uprising which has no weapons except rocks, but serves as a stumbling block to the aggressive Zionists, despite the thousands of Palestinian youths who were martyred or injured and tens of thousands which are in prison undergoing different kinds of inhumane torture and punishments.

Of course, these factors differ from one person to another, and from one environment to another and from one political atmosphere to another. Surely, Islam guides and trains all these stimulants and subjective motives, in order to act correctly and move according to the right views and complete intellectual, behaviorial, as well as, political line and path, and move under the pretext of worship and the general interests and services to the people, as well as, interplaying with the society, its aims and legal interests.

Consequently, the Islamic political education, trains an individual to become mindful and give more concern to politics and the society's future as his ideological and legal duty, because he understands that the Islamic political view believes in the role of the society and nation in politics and joins relations between the state and the people based on consultation, respecting others' views and enjoining good and forbidding evil, respecting people's rights and will, and that power, society's interests, wealth and its future are in the hands of a leader, who is responsible for steering it toward the Islamic system.

The Holy Qur'an outlines this fact by saying:

"Surely Allah commands to make over trusts to their owners and that when you judge between people, you judge with justice..." Holy Qur'an (The Women 4:58)

The Almighty Allah, also, says: "And do not incline to those who are unjust, lest the fire touch you..." Holy Qur'an (Hud 11:113)

The Most High, also, says: "...And their rule is to take counsel among themselves..." Holy Qur'an (Consultation 42:38)

He, the Most High, says: "And from among you there should be a party who invites to good and enjoins what is right and forbids the wrong, and these it is that shall be successful." Holy Qur'an (The Family of Imran 3:104)

However, among the negative effects of political activities seen in the Muslim youths or what leads to evil and deviation, is the joining of political parties and institutions which have Western views, and ideologies, and under the shade of freedom is able to engulf a great number of youths. Also, a great number of them were dragged to the Marxism ideology during which a great number of lives were sacrificed for this sake. And how many times have the youths lost their lives, capabilities, and intellects because of the call to the Western and Marxist views and ideologies? These calls and propagations turned against the Muslim community and its ambitions, without any fruitful result, and still the Muslim nation and its subjects are faced with a state of concern and political anarchy and chaos.

Consequently, the problem of terrorism and political dictatorship, in our Islamic world, is among the most dangerous and complicated human problems in our present era. Surely, the hegemony and domination of the arrogant powers over the political power of the society, has portrayed all its weight and capability in order to prevent the Islamic current from existence and supremacy, and leading the society, especially in the circle of the intellectuals and the generation of the youths. It is worth mentioning that the present Islamic cautions and vigilance, has created an Islamic ideological and political awareness, capable of changing the path and future of the society.

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