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Guding the Youth

Adopted from the book : "A Glance at the World of Youth" by : "Al-Balagh Foundation"

The youths are the most precious property of a community, and, consequently, in the puberty stage and the beginning of the youth stage, will undertake the responsibility of life, whatever the nature of the society may be, because very soon they will take the reigns of the society, therefore, precautionary powers must make future plans and projects for the guidance of the youth and the protection of the society on which its dignity depends.

And, indeed, thinking on the capabilities of the youths, through the youths' institutions, guiding their capabilities and rearing their power is the responsibility of the government, society and family. Because if the youths' bodily, intellectual and spiritual power is not well guided and protected, it will turn into a destructive element in the society, and rather, it will negatively harm the person himself.

Thus, the great importance of the youth's power and the danger or lack of guiding and protecting it, is what forces some countries to establish special ministries to look into the affairs of the youth and guide them to the right way. Because youths have a wide range of power which needs orientation and rehabilitation, their rehabilitation, like teaching them how to use modern, scientific equipment, through rehabilitation centres, is a fundamental issue. Hence, teaching them how to use the computer and its different programs, items of production and other electrical appliances will give them orientation in different fields, and will rescue them from the danger of idleness and roaming about, which are the major causes of poverty and social, spiritual and security problems.

A large number of youths have the technical and professional capabilities and talents, like the talents of writing and drawing and other hand works, but need a good atmosphere, exhibitions, conferences and seminars to give them self-esteem. Opening special clubs, too, will help by encouraging the youths to develop their talents. Developing the technical and professional fields and engaging the youths and rescuing them from idleness is quite important, as well, because the danger of idleness, in man, is so great and has a negative effect on his person and his conduct. Unfortunately, a great number of youths have the ability to write stories and poetry, but, their efforts end without benefit because of lack of good support. But, their cultural, as well as, literary rehabilitation through the formation of cultural and literary clubs and groups, and likewise, the printing and publication of cultural and literary works, for the youths, and encouraging them to develop their talents, will give the society a great number of writers, poets, inventors and professional experts.

Also, the youths have the capability of inventing in different fields, thus, it is necessary to protect them and give to these inventors, the necessary material support, as well as, scientific encouragement. Consequently, it is necessary for the states and special government institutions to create certain programs, on radio and televison, for the youths and their problems, as well as, for guiding them.

The presence of newspapers, magazines and arranging conferences and seminars, for experts, on the affairs of the youths and their problems, as well as, publishing their findings, is a great and important matter of encouragement on the way to solving the problem, guiding the youths and developing their awareness and providng them with experiences and advice.

The youths, in this stage, are distinguished with vitality and bodily power. Therefore, developing the spirit of the youths and sports are the fundamental issues in rescuing them from liquidity and disengagement, and that by opening sports clubs, stadiums, swimming pools and race courses, as well as, arranging sports competitions and presenting prizes, is another way of saving the youths. Hence, Islam gives great importance to sports and exercises, so as to raise a powerful generation. Thus, sports are a bodily, as well as, moral and conduct preparation. It is educating the morals power and honouring the youths by competition and superiority over others, and morals discipline in relation to the power and beauty of the body, far from pride and domination. Indeed, the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) has practiced racing, himself, as well as, watching the race and presenting prizes to the victors. Surely, he (s.a.w.) used to encourage his followers to practice sports.

Thus, sports are the most suitable way of gaining bodily power and capability which the Holy Qur'an calls for. Therefore, it is necessary for the generation of youths to exercise and enjoy power free from liquidity and idleness.

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