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Your Health During Pregnancy-Blood Picture

Blood Picture

Pregnancy is a great miracle, during which a lot of amazing little events take place throughout the nine months. One of these miracles is changes in your blood and the vital role it plays for you and your baby. Blood carries oxygen & nutrients through your body and it also protects you from disease. Here, we'll attempt to explain to you how your blood can indicate a lot about your health during the nine months of your pregnancy.

One of the many uncomfortable things in pregnancy is the number of needles your doctor dictates on you. Although it may be painful it is also very important as each milliliter of blood contains five billion red cells, seven million white cells and 250 million platelets all floating in plasma. These components play a big role in keeping you healthy to the extent that even a minor change in your blood can indicate the beginning of a problem.


Red Blood Cells Count: Hemoglobin included in red blood cells carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. In order to maintain enough red blood cells, you need to maintain a high intake of iron. Iron helps to produce red blood cells for the baby and the placenta. And lack of it can make you feel weak, tired and faint. You will look pale too. So in order to maintain enough red blood cells you have to eat red meat, beans, eggs, broccoli, whole wheat bread and spinach.
You also need plenty of vitamin C to help your body absorb iron from the food. So drink a glass of orange juice a day and eat a lot of vegetables.

Blood pressure: Your blood pressure is very important during pregnancy. You have to measure it at every opportunity you get. High blood pressure can indicate serious disorders in your pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia. During pregnancy it is normal to have low blood pressure especially in the first trimester. This is because blood vessels are dilated so there are increased fluids. But your blood pressure should return to normal in the third trimester. If it doesn’t you have to monitor it regularly. On the other hand, women who suffer from chronic high blood pressure before pregnancy will need to inform their doctor and follow proper medication to maintain their safety and their baby’s.
To keep your blood pressure at a normal level avoids eating processed food and fatty and salty food like junk food. Opt for fresh food like fruits and vegetables.

Sugar Factor: Normally our bodies produce insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. In diabetic people either their body doesn’t produce enough insulin or doesn’t use it properly. Pregnant women can suffer from gestational diabetes, in this case pregnant women need to monitor their blood sugar level and use medication either in the form of pills or insulin. Some pregnant women, however, may find the sugar level in their urine a bit high which is caused by pregnancy hormones. These hormones disturb the handling of carbohydrates in the body, which increases sugar in the urine, despite the level of blood sugar staying the same. To remain healthy avoid high levels of sugar; avoid sweets and sugary foods, and sweetened cereals and fizzy drinks. Fiber reduces the amount of insulin your body needs to keep sugar level healthy. So eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Now that you know how your blood has a tremendous effect on your health and your baby’s too, try your best to keep your blood healthy for yourself and for your unborn baby

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