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Yazid's Army at Karbala

THE REPORTED STRENGTH Of the brutal forces that were sent by Yazid to martyr the Holy Imam at Karbala.

According to Abu-Mikhnaf the total strength of Yazid's army at Karbala was 80,0oo of Kufees excluding the Syrians and the Hijazi forces. The first one who left for Karbala with his army on behalf of Yazid was Omar-e-Sa'd, with 6,000 men

Following Omar went Sinan ibne Anas with = 4,000
Orwatibne gals with = 4,000
Shees bin Rub'ee with = 4,000
Shimre-zil Jaushan with = 4,000

Arqam-ibne Ziad enrolled further = 22,000   men
Yazeed ibne Rikabe Kalbi = 2,000
Haseen bin Nameer ibne Askooni = 4,000
Ma'zani = 3,000
Nasre Ma'zani = 2,000

This is according to the unanimous report of the Historians. Biharaul-Anwar, V. I0 p. 182.
Abu Mikhnaf p. 32.
Tarique-Asame-Kufee 269.

Adapted from the book: "Husain; The Saviour of Islam" by: "S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali"

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