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Writings of some Historians on the death of Osman

"For a few days after the murder of Osman", writes John Bagot Glubb, "Medina was an anarchy with the mutineers in complete control .... Ali was pressed to accept the Caliphate both by the companions of the Prophet-the now venerable elders of Medina-and by the insubordinate troops who virtually controlled the city. Six days after the murder of Osman, Ali was proclaimed Caliph in Medina. The majority of the citizens, including Talha and Zubeir took the oath of allegiance to him."

Eric Schroeder in 'Mohammad's People', published in England (1955) says, "Five days after the murder of Caliph Osman, the people gathered together and decided; 'We know no one better to be Imam and Caliph than Ali but he will not take the burden, answered some, 'press him home till he consents'. They all gathered at Ali's house with such eagerness that they were pushing and crushing each other; they called Ali out, and said, 'If we go to our homes again without an Imam and a Caliph such a strife will stir as will never again be stilled; you will have to consent to be our Imam and Caliph of God.' Ali replied, 'small longings have I for this authority, yet the believers must have a chief; and right gladly will I accept the temporal authority of another, even Talha.' 'Nay, thou hast more right than I, said Talha. One who stood near by forced open Ali's palm and Talha swore the oath of allegiance to Ali. Zubeir did likewise, and from his house they brought Ali to the mosque and everybody once again thronged round him to swear the oath of allegiance to him as their Imam and Caliph."(Professor Sedillot in 'Histories des Arabes' says, "It might have been thought that all would submit themselves before his glory; so fine and so grand; but it was not to be."

Adapted from: "Ali, The Magnificent" by: "Yousuf N. Lalljee"

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