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With the Birth of Abbas, Ali's House was mixed with Grief and Happiness

With the Birth of Abbas, Ali's House was mixed with Grief and Happiness
By: Javad Mohaddesi

Many years lapsed after painful martyrdom of Prophet's daughter. After her, Ali (a.s.) had married with Ammame, Prophet's (s.a.w.a.) granddaughter. With lapse of more than ten years from the heart-rending event, Ali (a.s.) was still sorrowful for missing Zahra.

The Prophet's household had a strange destiny. Hashemites were oppressed while they had utmost honor and grandeur. When Ali (a.s.) had decided to marry, he was aware of Ashura. He called his brother, Aqil, who was expert in genealogy and know well various tribes and clans, as well as their moral and spiritual characters and features. He asked him: Find a qualified spouse for me, from a clan the ancestors of which are among the brave and lionhearted men, so that such a wife could bring a courageous and brave son for him.

Then, Aqil introduced a girl from Kallab clan to Amiralmomenin (a.s.) having the same qualifications. Her name was Fatimah, daughter of Hazam Ebne Khalid, and her ancestors were all among the courageous men. She was a girl of gentle birth and nobility from mother side too. She was called Fatima Kallabia, and later known as "Ommolbanin", that is, mother of sons. She gave birth to four sons, and Abbas was one of them.

Aqil went to her father to propose to her daughter. He accepted and agreed honorably. Hazrat Ali (a.s.) married with the noble woman. Fatima Kallabia was the pure chastity, sincerity and virginity. When she entered Ali's house after marriage, Hassan and Hossein (a.s.) were sick. She cared for them, and behaved them kindly.

It has been narrated that when they called her Fatima, she said them: Do not call me Fatima, for not remembering the pains of your mother, Fatima. You may call me as your servant. She gave birth to four sons after marriage with Ali, named: Abbas, Abdollah, Jafar and Osman, and all of them were martyred in Karbala. Abbas, the hero that we are talking of his virtues and goodness in this book, is the first fruit of this blessed marriage and the elder son of Ommolbanin.

Fatima Kallabia (Ommolbanin) was a virtuous woman loving Prophet's household, and respected this pure family. Her kindness, respect and amity was in observance of the Quran's command which has called "amity with the Prophet's household" as the wage for his messengership. She treated motherly with Hassan, Hossein, Zaynab and Omme Kolsoum, the beloved children of Zahra, and called herself as their servant. She was also very faithful to Amiralmomenin Ali (a.s.). Although she lived for a long time after his martyrdom (more than twenty years), but she did not marry to show her respect.

Her faith and affection to the Prophet's grandchildren was so much that she liked them more than her own children. When Karbala event happened, she was looking for the news coming from Kufa and Karbala. When she heard the news about martyrdom of her sons, first she asked about Hossein (a.s.), and it was more important for her. Abbas Ebne Ali was the son of such a grateful and decent lady, and had a father like Ali Ebne Abitaleb (a.s.). A future mixed with the scent of faith and essence of belief and sincerity was destined for him.

Ommolbanin gave birth to her first son on the fourth of Sha'ban 26 A.H. in Medina. Birth of Abbas lightened Ali's house and his heart with hope, because he knew that in Karbala event which will happen later, he will be the standard-bearer and liegeman to his son, and Abbas, son of Ali will show sacrifice for Hossein son of Fatima. When he was born, Hazrat Ali (a.s.) recited Azan and Iqama, name of God and the Prophet and related him with monotheism, messengership and religion, and called him "Abbas". On the seventh day of his birth, according to the Islamic customs, he slaughtered a sheep for sacrifice and gave the meat to the poor as alms.

Sometimes, he embraced the infant Abbas, and kissed his little arms and shed tears. Once, Ommolbanin saw it, and asked the reason why Imam weeps. Hazrat replied: These arms will be cut for assistance to his brother Hossein. I am weeping for that day. With birth of Abbas, Ali's house was mixed with grief and happiness. Happiness for the blessed infant, and tear for his future and his hands in Karbala. Abbas grow up in Ali's house besides his faithful and loyal mother, Hassan and Hossein, and learnt the great lessons of humanity, truthfulness and morality from the pure family and Prophet's household. Undoubtedly, the training of Imam Ali (a.s.) had an essential role in formation of the prominent mental and spiritual character of this youth, and his high understanding originated from such high training.

Once Imam Ali (a.s.) had the little Abbas sitting beside himself. Hazrat Zeynab too was present. Imam said to the child: Utter one. Abbas said: one. He asked him to utter two. Abbas refrained to say, and said: I am shamed to utter two with the tongue I have called the Single God. Imam Ali (a.s.) was pleased to hear this from the child and kissed Abbas. His innate talent and family training caused him to grow in the moral and spiritual perfection along with bodily and muscular growth and become a perfect, distinguished and admirable youth. He was elegant in view of stature as well as sanity and humanistic manifestations. He knew well that for what a great day he has been reserved to make sacrifice for helping Allah's Authority. He was born for Ashura. This reality was considered by Ali (a.s.) when he was going to marry with Ommolbanin. At the threshold of martyrdom, Imam Ali (a.s.) reminded Abbas of the "mystery of blood". At night of 21 Ramadan, 41 A.H., at the last hours of his life, Ali (a.s.) embraced Abbas, and said: My son, soon I will be rejoiced by you. My son, when Ashura comes, and you enter Euphrates, don't drink water while your brother, Hossein (a.s.) is thirsty. This was the first lesson which he learned at the night of martyrdom of Ali (a.s.), and never forgot it till Ashura.

At the last moments of Ali's life, when his children had gathered around his bed and were anxious about the future, he made recommendations to each of them. He has likely put Abbas's hand in that of Hosein (a.s.), and has recommended that, "O Abbas, your life and my Hossein's life in Karbala! Don't leave him alone! Abbas was of a noble line, and had enjoyed the pure breaths and special attention of Ali (a.s.) and his mother, Ommolbanin. Ommolbanin too was chaste and affectionate to the Prophet's (s.a.w.a.) Household. On the other hand, she was respected by the Prophet's Household and had a distinguished station and reputation with them. After Ashura and returning to Medina, Zeynab went to her house, and offered her condolences to this bereaved mother for the martyrdom of Abbas and his brothers. She went to her house regularly, and shared her grief. These indicate respect and admirable station for her by the Prophet's Household.

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