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Willpower and Kindness of Abbas (a.s.)


Willpower is one of the characteristics of the great ones whose deeds have always been successful, since it is impossible for the weak to achieve any social aim or any political work.

Al-Abbas was full of determination; he joined the right camp and did not show any negligence or shortcoming. On the stage of history, he has shown himself as being that glorious leader who deserves pride and immortality.


Al-Abbas enjoyed the highest standards of morality. He was so kind and merciful with the underprivileged and the persecuted. In Karbala, when the troops of Yazid occupied the banks of the Euphrates and deprived the other party of water, al-Abbas showed the most clear-cut signs of kindness and mercy when he saw his brother's children, as well as others, pale-faced and dry-lipped because of thirst. Seeing this view, al-Abbas pushed himself towards the river and came back with water for those children. On the tenth of Muharram, he also heard the children crying because of thirst; therefore, his kindness and feelings of mercy prompted him to sate their thirst. He took the container and faced the enemies so bravely that he could take them away from the river. As he was about to have a drink, he remembered the thirst of his brother and his children. He therefore refused to drink before he would sate the thirst of those ones.

Has anyone ever seen, heard, or known of such feelings of mercy and kindness at any person other than al-Abbas who climbed to the highest summits of glory because of the characteristics of his unique personality?

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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