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Why is the attack against Islamic attitude towards Woman?

Studying this matter (woman's rights in Islam) is among the important civilizational and inellectual matters and affairs at the present time. The opponents of Islam, their followers, and those who have no knowledge of Islamic thought, precepts and concepts still continue their oppressive attack against Islamic thought and law, claim that the woman is oppressed in Islam.

Studying and analyzing the elements of this intellectual battle between Islam, materialism and secularism, we can conclude that the axle of the battle moves around a basic matter. The matter is that the secular thought tries to spread sexual dissoluteness and corruption. According to this theory, the woman will become a tool for enjoyment and instinctive satisfaction which destroys the family, society, and the woman. While, Islam honors the woman and raises her from this low level. It also grants her rights and position to allow her to share with man in building life and expressing her humanity according to human bases which we will mention briefly in this study.

Before discussing this matter, it is important for us to mention the basic reasons of this battle (of the rights of the woman) and accusing Islam of depriving woman of her rights.

Muslim writers and thinkers, the propagators of Islam, the religious scholars, the foundations of the Islamic message and culture, and especially as it concerns the children of the Moslem communities in the non-Islamic countries and especially in America and Europe should explain this important matter through researches, studies, conferences, seminars in all various political, psychological, social, family, and civilizational fields.

Adopted from the book : "Woman and Society" by : "Al-Balagh Foundation"

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