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The confusion between the backward customs and social Islamic theory

Muslim writers, thinkers, and propagators should clarify such confusion, for the opponents of Islam, those who are deceived by corrupt material thought, and those who confuse concepts have no ability to distinguish Islamic concepts from the social customs existed in backward Islamic societies. Such customs are contrary to the essence, principles and methods of Islam that regulate society, sexual relationships and the foundations of the relationship between man and woman. So, the opponents of Islam attribute such backward customs to Islam to distort it, intentionally or out of ignorance. It is necessary for us to differentiate between the present society of Muslims and the Islamic society based on Islamic principles.

This social backwardness in the society of Muslims is part of the general backwardness in the fields of science, knowledge, development, industry, health, etc.

Some sociologists derive a distorted picture concerning the social position of the woman from the rural of Muslim countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Morroco and the desert areas of Peninsula. Thus, they diagnose the problem of the woman through the backward rural or desert view that oppresses the woman. Then, they give a distorted picture about the Muslim society, for its members are Muslims. They forget that such concepts and practices have no relation with Islam. We firmly believe that such concepts and practices oppose Islamic values and teachings. Meanwhile, Islam has devoted part of its thought, laws, and values to change these conditions.

Adopted from the book : "Woman and Society" by : "Al-Balagh Foundation"

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