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What’s Your Decorating Style?

When it comes to decorating our homes, most of us have a pretty good idea of what we like. We may have a preference for warm colors on the walls, balanced by neutral tones on the furniture. For some, a mix-match of bold colors and fabrics may be more enticing. But if you're like the majority of home decorators, you may be unsure exactly what your decorating style is, or, how to categorize it.

It's perfectly normal to know what you like, but not know how to describe it to others. This can make shopping for home décor and coordinating materials difficult. But we can help. Listed below are some of the most popular decorating styles and the characteristics of each. You may find yourself somewhere in multiple categories, or even see your style mixed within all of them.

Traditional - A traditionally decorated home will be recognized by its rich wood furniture, luxurious fabrics, and furniture styles (authentic or replicated) that date back to the late 18th or early 19th centuries. Furniture is sturdy, typically made of mahogany or cherry, and accented with delicately upholstered cushions. Chairs will often be equipment with side arms and heavy 'claw' legs. Fabrics for window treatments and accent pillows may include heavy-duty damask or jacquard fabrics, or luxurious velvet or silk. Is your decorating style traditional?

Country - A home with a country decorating style is cozy, rustic, and easy to put together. Braided rugs, plaid fabric, ruffled curtains, farm-inspired accents, and soft comfortable furniture are virtual staples in a country home. This style is easily updated to a French Country style by adding inspired elements such as Toile fabrics, café curtains, and simple French embellishments. Add floral slipcovers to the sofa and chairs, and a display of English rose china and you'll have an English Country theme. Antiques work extremely well in a country home, as well. Does a country decorating style sound like you?

Contemporary - A contemporary decorating style differs from a modern decorating style in several ways, although they are often confused for one another. A home with a contemporary interior reflects 'today', while a modern interior is more a reflection of the future. A contemporary home will contain sleek lines, geometric shapes, and reflective surfaces such as stainless steel, mirrors, chrome, and the like. Clutter won't be found mixed in with contemporary décor. Does contemporary sound like your decorating style?

Modern - A modern decorating style features the bare minimum. You won't find knick-knacks in a home with a modern theme, nor soft cushioned sofas and chairs. What you will find is low profile furniture, sleek lines, simplistic artwork, artistic sculptures, and no-fuss materials such as glass, chrome, and stainless steel. Transparent furnishing, or furniture that sits at odd angles is also popular in a modern home. Would your style be defined as modern?

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