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Three Clever Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

A great chef has a ton of tools and spices in their arsenal. But, do they ever have enough counter or storage space in the kitchen? Finding the perfect place to stash tools and goodies can be a real challenge in some homes. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you'll appreciate these storage ideas. They take the clutter and confusion off your counter - yet keep everything you need to cook right at your fingertips.

• Spice and Bottle Storage

First, organize and stow spices on either side of your range by building an ornate vent hood cover in wood. The top of the unit covers up your range hood and the two sides of the unit are built to house slide-out shelves for a ton of spices - visible from all angles. Now embellish the piece with big, beautiful molding and ornate corbels on the slide outs. When closed, no one would even know they were there.

Repeat the idea below at either side of the range bottom. Mount ornate furniture columns in front of bottom slide-outs to beautifully stash oils, vinegars and other bottled food stuffs. No more running all over the kitchen to collect the things you need to season and cook your famous recipes.

• Utensil Storage

Next, attack the myriad of cooking utensils sitting on the counter or tucked into multiple drawers throughout the kitchen. Turn a pull-out drawer next to your range into a kitchen utensil cupboard by turning the drawer upside down and then cutting and fitting the surface with drop-in flatware buckets from a restaurant supply house. You'll wish you did this years ago. Not only does it give you more counter space, it also helps shield your kitchen tools from collecting that nasty thin film of airborne cooking grease.

• Hidden Bread Boxes

Lastly, create a hidden storage bin that gets your favorite fresh breads off the counter. Cut and fit small wood boxes into the space below your countertop and top them off with wooden lids that double as cutting boards. Actually, you can use this clever idea to stow all kinds of things that clutter up your counter. Why one make a potato and onion bin while you're at it?

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