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What is special about young babies fever?

Young babies (less than three months old) need a different and more cautious approach.

  • babies are not very good at controlling their own body temperature
  • babies need to be kept warm - but they can get too hot if they are wrapped in too many layers when they are in a warm place. A good guide is to dress your baby in one more layer than you are comfortable wearing in the same environment
  • babies get fevers for the same reasons as older children, but they are not quite as good at fighting off infections
  • some babies may have an unstable temperature with an infection – they may be colder than normal. In a sick infant this is a worrying sign. It is a reason to see a doctor urgently
If your child is under three months old and has a fever, they should be checked by a doctor.
If your child is under three months old and you are worried about them, they should be checked by a doctor, even if they do not have a fever.

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