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Weight Loss: Top 7 Excuses

1. "I Hate Exercise"

Health authorities recommend a minimum of 30 minutes exercise per day. Many people plan exercise but then fail to commit to it.

Try introducing more 'incidental' activity into your day. Take the stairs, walk instead of taking the car. Try wearing a pedometer to see how active you really are.

2. "I Don't Have Time to Eat Healthy"

Do you have the time to be sick? Taking time out to look after your body is time well spent. This includes always making adequate time for breakfast.

3. "I Cannot Live Without Chocolate / Ice Cream"

When you think of certain foods as 'bad' - whenever you eat those foods you will feel guilty. If you can eat those foods in a positive environment - then you will have a better chance at choosing a small portion size.

Also consider swapping the food for something with a similar flavor - but less calorie-dense

4. "I Don't / Can't Cook"

Most supermarkets offer many pre-made foods - frozen meals, prepared salads and pastas. Learn to understand food labels. You do not have to be a chef to cook healthy food.

5. "I Don't Have the Support of Family & Friends"

Sometimes you may need to tell people what you are trying to achieve. This is important in social situations where food is on the agenda. Communicate with those around you exactly what you are expecting from them - don't try and second-guess their responses.

6. "I Eat Out All The Time"

It is possible to lose weight while eating out a lot - but you must become very adept at selecting your food.

  • Avoid chips, fried rice, wedges as an accompaniment. Order a side salad or vegetables instead.
  • Choose a medium/small portion
  • Avoid entrees - they are typically high in fat
  • Drink plenty of water with the meal
  • When choosing a main meat - choose fish, followed by chicken, then red meat. Grilled or poached is usually the best option.

7. "I Have to Cook Meals for my Family"

Rather than having one person on a strict diet - try gradually altering the eating style of the whole family. This will mean substituting regular meals with healthier options - such as skinless chicken breast instead of beef mince, and vegetables instead of large portions of starchy carbohydrates.

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