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Emotional Eating and Overeating

The basics of weight loss is all about diet and exercise. However, it's no good getting a diet plan if you can't stop putting food in your mouth.

There are more than enough good diet plans and programs out there. The issue for many people is motivation, dedication, and consistency. For without these factors we often end up disappointed.

Eating is very habitual and our eating patterns become a ritual. Every day we are faced with food choices, and it can become daunting. This is why many of our poor food choices aren't so much choices, but have become a daily ritual.

The Good News About Habits

Even though our eating has become a habit (such as snacking all day, eating junk food when we sit down in front of the TV) - it is possible to change our habits and create new ones

If food is meeting an emotional need in your life, perhaps it's time to examine this, and determine exactly what the need is. For some it can be boredom, others it can be loneliness, the stresses of life, or perhaps it is a ritual that comes from childhood.

Managing Hunger

Many of us have forgotten how to manage our hunger. We leave it until we are hungry before we choose our food. Inevitably we make poor choices, or can even start binging. This can be prevented by fueling our bodies every 3 hours with healthy food. Beware of diet plans that only prescribe 3 meals a day.

We also have to learn what it is to be full. If we can learn to listen to our bodies we can stop eating. It's okay to leave food on your plate!

The Power Of Junk Food

There is something about junk food that has a special pull. It's almost addictive. Be aware of the role junk foods play in your life, and try to get rid of them.

Learning to Focus On Goals

If you set a specific goal for yourself you will find it is far easier to keep motivated. Everytime you reach for some comfort food, you can train yourself to respond with your goal. "Will this help me reach my goal?" It can take real dedication to keep with the plan. Focus on the goal every day.

Freedom to Fail

If you overindulge, don't fall off the wagon. Don't tell yourself you're a failure. It's okay - eat better the next meal, or maybe exercise more. Feeling like you are constantly deprived can lead to binging, and can play real mind games.

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