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Weekly Supplications

Weekly Supplications

"Bismillah," which is the creed of those who seek protection and the motto of those who want refuge.

I betake me to the Exalted Lord for shelter from the oppression of tyrants, from the devices of the envious and from the treachery of the wicked; and praise Him above the praise of all those who praise.

O Lord, Thou art the One without associate and the king without being made a king.

Thy command is unopposed and Thy sovereignty undisputed.

I beg Thee to favor Muhammad Thy servant and Thy apostle, and to inspire me with such gratitude for Thy favors as would enable me to deserve the utmost extent of Thy approval; and with Thy loving-kindness help me to serve Thee and worship Thee regularly and deserve Thy reward.

And favor me by restraining me from acts of disobedience to Thee as long as Thou keepest me alive; and give me the grace to do that which would benefit me as long as Thou sparest me; enlighten my mind with Thy Book and remove from me the burden of sin because of my reading it; and favor me by keeping safe my faith and my life; and let not those that love me be frightened from me; and continue Thy goodness to me during the rest of my life as Thou hadst done during the past, O most Merciful!

With the name of Allah, besides whose mercy, I hope for nothing; I fear nothing save His justice, and trust nothing but His word, and do not cling but to His string.

To Thee do I beg for shelter, O Lord of forgiveness and approbation, from tyranny and oppression, from the changes of time and succession of grief, and from a life ended without preparation.

And to Thee do I beg for guidance in which there be reformation and improvement.

And to Thee alone do I pray for help in granting me success and satisfaction.

And Thee do I request for the garment of safety and the granting of peace and its permanence.

And I seek Thy protection O Lord, from the suggestions of Satan, and with Thy power guard myself from the tyranny of kings.

Therefore accept whatever be of my prayers and fasts and let my morrow and thereafter be better than my present hour and day; and make me respected amongst my kindred and community; and guard me in my waking and my sleep; for Thou art God the best Preserver, and Thou art the most Merciful.

O Lord, in this my day and on Sundays to follow, I clear myself in Thy presence of ascribing partners to Thee and of infidelity, and pray unto Thee sincerely to obtain Thy answer and render obedience to Thee hoping for Thy reward.

Therefore, bless Muhammad, the best of Thy servants, the preacher of Thy truth; and honor me with Thy dignity which cannot be diminished, and watch me with Thy eye which does not sleep; and finish my affair so as to make me independent of others and rely on Thee alone, and terminate my life in forgiveness. Verily, Thou art the Forgiving, Merciful.

Praise be to God who called none to witness when He created the heavens and the earth, and took no assistance when He created the spirits.

Never had He any partner in His Godhead, nor was He ever helped in His Oneness.

Tongues are unable to praise Him to the fullest extent, reason incapable of knowing His essence, the mighty humble themselves before His Majesty, their faces bent downward on account of His dread, and all the great submit to His Glory.

Therefore, unto Thee be all praise in increasing succession and unbroken continuance. And may His favor be on His apostle eternally, and peace perpetually, forever.

O Lord, let the first part of this my day consist in amendment, the middle of it in prosperity, and the last of it in success.

And through Thee I seek refuge from a day which begins in fear, the middle of which causes distress, and which ends in pain.

O Lord, verily I ask Thy pardon for every vow I vowed, every promise I promised and every covenant I made with Thee, and then failed to discharge them.

And I pray to Thee concerning wrongs done to Thy creatures; therefore whichever servant of Thine or handmaid of Thine has suffered from me any wrong which I may have done to his person or reputation or property or kith or offspring, or any slander whereby I may have spoken ill of him, or anything I may have imposed on him on account of inclination, or passion, or force, jealousy, or hypocrisy, or prejudice; he being absent or present, alive or dead; and, thereafter my hand become too short and my means too narrow to make amends to him or obtain his forgiveness; in that case, I beg Thee.... O Thou who art the Lord of requests (and they are obedient to Thy will and ready to conform to Thy wish), to confer favor on Muhammad and his Aal (family) and reconcile him to me by whatever means Thou choosest, and let me have mercy from Thee;

Verily, pardon causes Thee no loss, nor does bounty injure Thee, O most Merciful.

O Lord, grant me on every Monday two gifts from Thee, viz. good luck to obey Thee at the beginning of the day, and the blessing of Thy pardon at the end of it.

O Thou who art the only object of worship, and except whom none can forgive sins.

Praise be to God -- and praise is His due, as He deserves it -- abundant praise.

I betake me to Him for refuge from mischief of Satan who adds sin to my sin; and I guard myself through Him from every wicked tyrant, oppressive king and over-powering enemy.

O Lord let me be of Thy force; for verily Thy forces -- they are victorious and let my be of Thy band, for verily Thy band they are happy; and make me one of Thy friends, for surely Thy friends have no fear, nor shall they be sorry.

O Lord reform my faith for me, for verily it is the safeguard of my affairs and make easy for me my hereafter, for certainly it will be my place of rest, and to it will I retire from the company of the wicked.

And let my life be an enhancement of every good to me, and my death a comfort to me from every evil.

O Lord bless Muhammad, the Last of the Prophets, the one who concluded the number of the sent ones, and his Aal (family), the pure, the holy; and his chosen companions; and in this third day of the week, grant me three things, viz.: leave me no sin unforgiven and no sorrow unremoved and no enemy unvanquished by Thee.

With the name of Allah, the best of the names; with the name of Allah, the Lord of the earth and the heaven, I drive away every evil, the first of which is His displeasure; and desire to achieve every good, the foremost of which is His approval. Therefore let my existence end in Thy pardon, O Lord of Benevolence!

Praise be to God who ordained night (to be) a cover and sleep (to be a mode of) rest; and made the day (to be the time of) dispersion.

All praise be to Thee for raising me from my sleep, for had Thou wished so, Thou wouldst have made it everlasting; a praise perpetual, unceasing and which the whole of creation would be unable to count.

Praise be to Thee, O Lord, for, Thou didst create, and didst so with symmetry, and Thou didst measure and dispose, and causest to die and to live, and makest sick and restorest to health, and givest safety and dost afflict, and Thou are exalted above the Arsh (Throne) and art in full possession of sovereignty.

I pray unto Thee like him whose cause is weak and whose resource is cut off, and whose death has approached and whose worldly hope has shrunk, and whose need for Thy mercy has become pressing, and whose regret for his default has grown intense, and whose guilt and error has been too frequent and who repentance unto Thee is sincere.

Therefore bless Muhammad the Last of the Prophets and the members of his house, the pure, the holy, and let me have the intercession of Muhammad -- may Thy favor be on him and his Aal (family) and do not deprive me of his company; verily, Thou art the most Merciful.

O Lord, in the fourth day of the week grant me four things: employ my strength in Thy service; let my delight consist in Thy worship; make me love Thy reward; and cause me to abstain from that which would make me deserving of painful chastisement from Thee. Verily, Thou art kind to whomsoever Thou willest.

All praise be to God who removed the dark night with His power and brought the bright day with His mercy; and clothed me with His light and gave me His blessing.

Therefore, O Lord, since Thou hast kept me alive for this day, be pleased to spare me for other days similar to it; and bless Muhammad and his Aal (family) and do not afflict me in it and in other nights and days for my having committed guilt; and confer on me its benefit, and the benefit of what be in it and the benefit of what follows; and turn away from me its mischief, and the mischief of what be in it and the mischief of what comes after it.

O Lord, verily I seek adherence unto Thee through the guarantee of Islam; and rely on Thee through the honor of the Qur'an; and seek intercession with Thee through Muhammad, the chosen, may God bless him and his Aal; therefore, O Lord, recognize my guarantee, whereby I hope for the satisfaction of my need, O most Merciful!

O Lord, in the fifth day of the week, grant me five things, which none has power to vouchsafe except Thy generosity, and which none can afford save Thy bounty: a soundness, whereby I may gain strength to serve Thee; and a devotion whereby I may deserve Thy magnificent reward; and an immediate prosperity by means of fair earnings; and guard me on occasions of danger with Thy protection and place me under Thy defense, against future sorrows and anxieties.

O Lord, bless Muhammad and his Aal, and let my adherence to him be an effectual intercession on the day of Judgment, verily Thou art the most Merciful.

Praise be to God, who existed before creation and the giving of life, and who shall continue to exist after all things have perished.

The Knower, who forgets not him who remembers Him; Who does not diminish him who gives Him thanks; who does not disappoint him who prays to Him; and does not frustrate the hope of him who places hope in Him.

O Lord, I call Thee to witness -- and Thou art sufficient as a witness; and I call all Thy angels and inhabitants of Thy heavens and bearers of Thy Arsh (Throne) and Thy prophets and Thy apostles whom Thou didst entrust with Thy mission and the various creatures whom Thou hast created; to witness that I bear testimony that certainly Thou and Thou alone art God, There being no God but Thee; Thou art alone there being no associate with Thee nor peer, and there is no untruth in Thy word, nor change.

And that, verily, Muhammad -- may Thy blessings be on him and his Aal -- is Thy servant and Thy apostle; he delivered to Thy servants the message with which Thou didst entrust him, and exerted himself in the cause of God the Honorable, the Exalted, as it deserved; and he gave happy tidings of reward which was certain, and threatened with punishment which was true.

O Lord, keep me firm in Thy religion as long as Thou keepest me alive; and let not my heart deviate; after Thou hast guided me; and let me have mercy from Thee; verily, Thou and Thou alone art the Giver.

Bless Muhammad and his Aal and make us of the number of his followers and his adherents, and raise me (on the last day) amongst his band; and give me the grace to be regular in my performance of the Friday prayer and to win such of Thy bounty as Thou wilt allot to the deserving observers of Fridays, on the day of recompense. Verily, Thou and Thou alone art the Mighty, the Wise.

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