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Was Imam Husayn (as)'s alleged return from Karbala without fighting proof that this was not a battle between truth and falsehood?

Another Nasibi, lieutenant of Azam Tariq, Hafidh Salah'udeen in his book 'Khilafat ai Mu'awiya aur Yazeed' echoed these comments in his book page 23

"If the battle of Kerbala was a fight between truth and falsehood, then he [Husayn (as)] would not have made plans to return to Medina. Haqq (truth) is linked to rules of martyrdom, falsehood is not linked to anything"

Reply One

Can this Nasibi cite us any proof that Imam Husayn set a date and venue to fight Yazeed? Yet again the Nasibis adopt a tactic of using words that give the impression that they are supported by historical facts. The reader might think that this premise of the Nasibis is based on some kind of textual source. There is none - it is just a fairytale of this Nasibi that Husayn (as) intended to return to Madina rather than do battle. Not one book, page, sentence, word, letter or dot in any book exists that says this was his intention or that he made plans to return to Madina. This is what Nasibis do every day in their speeches. They just LIE to people. I am angry at being LIED to like this. The most disturbing thing is that this man Azam Tariq and his deputies have hundreds of thousands of followers in places like Pakistan who believe every word of his. See how the Nasibis just lie. Here the Nasibi makes up a whole story that Husayn (as) was returning to Madina - as if he is an expert on history with academic references. This story has, literally, just been made up by him in this sentence.

However we shall refute this fairytale that has come out of this Nasibi's deranged mind (Is this Nasibi on hallucinogenic drugs?) - we are now having to refute the verbal diarrhoea that comes out of a deluded mind: this is the level of argument the Nasibis have. If the Imam (as) had set a date, and then not fought, then we would have to accept that Imam Husayn (as) abandoned Jihad. We the Shi'a believe that Imam Husayn (as) declared that he was the true representative of Rasulullah (s) and hence he rejected the authority / obedience to Yazeed. Yazeed's army, by cornering and killing Imam Husayn (as), proves Yazeed's actions were false and Imam Husayn (as) was on the path of truth. Had Imam Husayn (as) returned from Karbala that would not in any way prove that Yazeed was on the right path, his returning without fighting in no way means that Yazeed was right! What on Earth was that reply from the Nasibis about in the first place? It still does nothing to exonerate Yazeed. What this nasibi said is called verbal diarrhoea. It's malformed crap without any shape or substance that just comes out and you can't control it. This is what Nasibis talk - crap with a kaftan, a turban and an Arabic accent to pass off as something more substantial. It is tragic that this turbaned crap is out there preaching to Muslims and taking them astray.

Reply Two : The Sahaba in Usamah's army returned without fighting

We read in Sharh Muwaqqaf Volume 1 page 746 Dhiky Ikhthilaaf Al-e-Islam

Rasullulah (s) said that whoever does not participate in the army of Usamah, Allah's lanath be on such a person. N.B. This is not the Usamah bin Ladin of today but the Usamah bin Zaid who was a companion of the Holy Prophet (saws). The Shaykhain were also present in this army. A battle that Rasulullah (s) prepares and sends out is definitely a battle of truth, so why did Abu Bakr and Umar leave the battle and return without fighting? This Nasibi clearly believes that martyrdom is dependant on Jihad, then how will these two individuals be forgiven for failing to participate in Jihad whilst Rasulullah (s) was on his deathbed? If these Nasibi are going to claim that the Shaykhain's return without fighting does not prove that their Kaafir opponents were on the right path, Imam Husayn (as)'s ALLEGED (in this Nasibi's dream) returning to Medina does not prove the correctness of Yazeed's Fasiq Government.

Reply Three

Riyadh al Nadira states that Abu Bakr returned without delivering the verses of Baraath to the kuffar. The deliverance of these verses was definitely delivering truth against falsehood, and Abu Bakr's return without delivering these verses in no way means that the kuffar were right.

Reply Four : Rasulullah (s) returned from Tabuk without fighting

We read in al Bidayah Volume 5 pages 14, that Rasulullah (s) prepared a huge army to counter the kaafir threat at Tabuk, but he returned without fighting. This expedition was definitely a battle between truth and falsehood, and in the same way that Rasulullah (s) returned without fighting does not mean that the kaafir Byzantines were in the right, Imam Husayn (as)'s ALLEGED returning to Medina (in the Nasibi's dream) in no way means that Yazeed was in the right.

Reply Five : Rasulullah (s) returned from Makka without performing Hajj

The books of Ahl'ul Sunnah are replete with the fact that Rasulullah (s) left from Medina to go to Makka and perform Hajj with the Sahaba. The Kuffar and Makka prevented him from doing so and he returned without carrying through this objective. Hajj is a duty, so how were all the Muslims forgiven for failing to carry out Hajj that year?

Adapted from the book: "Yazeed"

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