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Veils Banned in UK Schools

Veils Banned in UK Schools

On Sunday, May 6, 2007, the Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer told head teachers attending their annual conference in Bournemouth that they are perfectly entitled to forbid pupils to wear Islamic dress and need not fear a legal challenge under the Human Rights Act.


It was, he suggested, all a matter of common sense.


This is a very welcome development. For, while wearing the veil is a matter of personal choice – and accepted in our country which is famed for its tolerance – there are times when it is obvious that this Muslim symbol clashes with the British way.

Sometimes it as simple as being able to see the faces of our fellow citizens as we go about our daily business. The school classroom is one such area, the courtroom is another.

There are times when members of the Muslim community go too far and the Daily Express is not afraid to say so. The setting up of Islamic courts applying Sharia law is one such example.
The Lord Chancellor has now made it possible for schools to say “No” to the veil. Head teachers have been told that common sense does not conflict with human rights.
In other words, they have been given the green light to just say “No” when the occasion demands it.
Well, obviously Muslim female students are now coerced into giving up their veil (hijab) in UK if they want to attend school and learn. So, it`s officially a war on Islam. They want to strip our rights off one by one. They are fighting hijabs now. I wonder what is next.



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