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Uwas al-Qarani

The Holy Prophet said "The sweet smell of Paradisc is coming from the direction of Qaran. Uwais al-Qarani, I am eager to see you! Let anyone who meets him, convey my regards to him''. 4

While people were pledging their allegiance to him in the area of Zi-qar. Imam Ali announced: "From Kufah a thousand soldiers, neither more nor less, are about to come and pledge their allegiance to me".

When these soldiers arrived, Ibn Abbas counted them. He found that their number was 999 only. He was surprised why one man was short.

In a few moments a man appeared wearing woolen clothes and having a sword, a shield, and other war accoutrements. He went direct to Imam Ali and said "I want to pledge my allegiance to you up to death".

Imam Ali said: 'What is your name?""Uwais" he said.The Imam asked "Are you Uwais al-Qarani?""Yes" replied he.

Allah o Akbar! My well-beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him, told me that I would meet one of his followers, named Uwais, al-Qarani, who was one of the favourites of Allah and His Messenger. He would lay down his life for the cause of Allah and would have the privilege of interceding on behalf of many', 5

So it was. He was martyred in the company of Imam Ali. 6 Uwais is known for his high position from spiritual angle. He took pleasure in worship and had little interest in worldly riches. 7

We can judge the depth of the spirituality of this man from his sayings. He says

By Allah, the thought of death and the fear of the ultimate end leave no room for happiness in this world for a man of faith".

People abuse us when we exhort them to do good and restrain them from evil, but we still rise for the cause of Allah". 8
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Adapted from : "Master and Mastership"

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