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Unique Ways to Decorate a Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a blank canvas with numerous decorating possibilities that go far beyond cheap plastic magnets. It is possible to decorate a refrigerator in ways that will add practical style to the kitchen, and for far less than most people realize. If you are tired of looking at a bare refrigerator or a fridge that is ugly or outdated, try the following unique ways to decorate a refrigerator. One or more of these easy ways to decorate a refrigerator will not only transform the appearance of your appliance, but also the appearance of the kitchen, basement, or any other space.

Decorate with a Homemade Magnetic Chalkboard

Chalkboards are extremely handy, especially in a central location such as the kitchen. Instead of investing in a flimsy dry erase board for leaving family messages, decorate with a homemade magnetic chalkboard that is as decorative as it is useful. Paint a piece of sanded lightweight plywood or another light smooth material with chalkboard paint according to product label instructions. Attach magnets to the back of the painted board for hanging, and create a decorative edge using faux flat gems, silk flower heads, or small polished stones for a unique and handy decorative message center. This unique homemade chalkboard can be made to span the entire width and height of the refrigerator or freezer door if desired.

Magnetic Vinyl to Decorate with Creative Style

Search online for magnetic vinyl and you will discover a variety of sizes to meet every budget. This type of vinyl provides an easy and unique way to decorate any magnetic surface that does not generate heat. Simply attach a collage of laminated photos to the vinyl or stamp it with unique and colorful latex designs that match the decorating scheme or theme of the space. With magnetic vinyl you can completely change the surface of a refrigerator without making permanent changes.

Decorate with Eye-Catching Printed Spice and Substitution Charts

If you love cooking and baking, consider making eye-catching laminated spice, measurement, and substitution charts that can be used to decorate a refrigerator. Search online for printable charts of your choice, and after laminating attach peel and stick magnets to each corner. Free printable charts of many types can be found online, and they are ideal when looking for unique ways to decorate a refrigerator.

Unique Wall Decals to Decorate and Add Color

Peel and stick wall decals are great for decorating more than walls. They provide an ideal and highly unique way to decorate almost any washable flat surface, even a refrigerator. Look for peel and stick decals in craft stores, home improvement stores, or online. You will find everything from classic kitchen fare to children's themes, and they are washable and easy to remove.

These are just some of the ways to decorate an ugly or plain refrigerator without using ordinary magnets found in stores. Try these unique ways to decorate a refrigerator or add your own creative touch. You no longer have to live with an outdated or plain refrigerator. These easy and unique ways to decorate will help you get started on transforming your refrigerator into a stylish appliance you can be proud of.

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