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Umrah step by step

The pilgrim should leave during the month ofShawal, Dhil-Qi’dah, or until the eighth of Dhilhijjah.
  1. One: Actions of ‘Umrah
  2. Ihram in one of the Miqaats
Masjid al-
Shaam, Egypt,
Qarn al-Manazil
Iraq and Najd
Wadi al-‘Aqiq
  1. After wearing the Ihram clothes the Talbiyah must
  2. be done with the intention  and this should be done
  3. in one of the Miqaats.
  4. Repeat Talbiyah in the way to Mecca.
  5. One way of saying the Talbiyah is:
  6. Labbaik Allahuma labbaik, labbaika laa sharika laka
  7. labbaik .
  8. Arriving at the Haram and stopping the reciting of Talbiyah
  9. once the pilgrim sees the beginning of theold houses of Mecca.
  10. Entering al-Masjid al-Haram and circling around the House seven times, with the Ka’bah on the left hand side of the pilgrim’s shoulder.
  11. If you are able to get close to the Black Stone, raise your hands praise and thank God Almighty, praise the Prophet (s.a.w), and ask God to accept your deeds. Then, if you can, touch and kiss the stone. If you cannot do so, then point to it, and there are many short supplications to read in this holy place.
  12. Pray two rak’ahs of Tawaf after the circling, at the place (maqam) of Ibrahim. God Almighty states: Take the venue of prayer of Abraham’s Station.
    After this it is recommended to drink from Zamzam water.
  13. Head towards Safa and start the Sa’i from it to Marwah, and go to and forth for seven times, starting from Safa and ending at Marwah.
    God Almighty said:
    Indeed Safa and Marwah are among Allah’s sacraments. So whoever makes Hajj to the House or performs the ‘Umrah, there is no sin upon him to circuits between them. Should anyone do good of his own accord, then Allah is indeed appreciative, all knowing.
  14.  Shortening and finishing Ihram of ‘Umrah

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