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Rituals Of Sa"i

Rituals of Sa’i
It is recommended (mustahabb) to exit towards al-Safa from the door that faces the Black Stone peacefully and with solemnity. When the pilgrim reaches al-Safa it is recommended to turn back towards the Ka’bah and face the side that has the Black Stone and thank and praise God and repeat Allahu akbar seven times, al-Hamdo lillah seven time, and la ilaha illa Allah seven times. It is also recommended to praise the Prophet (s.a.w), reciting Salawaat, as there are many other supplications to
read while doing the Sa’i.
Sa’i between Safa and Marwah (click on the picture to see the Zoom version)
It is recommended that when a man arrives between these two poles, which was previously called the bottom of the valley, he should run.

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