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Trust in Compromise and Reconciliation: Worst Historical of Mistakes of Muslims

A cursory look at the political history of the Zionist regime since its formation shows clearly that the dominant political thinking of this regime " as is the case with all schools of thought rooted in the "Modern and post-modern political cultures," is based on and motivated by personal profit and worldly gains, wants, and perceived needs.

In fact, all socio-political policies adopted and pursued by the Zionist regime are intentionally based on clearly ugly racist ideas which are used to justify every kind of aggression and occupation, colonization, and exploitation of innocent human beings who are deprived of the most rudimentary and basic of human rights; or subjected to the worst forms of torture and long prison terms if they resist the occupation.

It is in the light of such grim facts that most Muslims consider the Zionist regime the very embodiment and the front guard of the forces of oppression and arrogance against the Islamic world. Alas, in view of such serious threats, we are also still faced with the fact that in many Islamic countries the governing structures are based on despotism and self-centered decision-makings. Such governments not only lack any popular basis, but their interests are only sustainable through the use of force, suffocating internal atmospheres, and unquestioned power and authority.

"The truth is that despotism and despotic governments have become so widespread, and even growing in the Islamic world, that this phenomenon has gone further than just the political arena and has affected the very fabric, foundation and social values these societies have and hold dear " these effects range from these nation's economic affairs, all the way to their intellects, their intellectuals, and their thought processes." 37

In other words, in despotic regimes, where the rule of law is sorely lacking or laws are simply not enforced, the "subjects" of these regimes inevitably must turn into ignorant, terrified, and spiritually-broken human beings who are conditioned to only respond to terror and threat of force; while in healthy systems of governance people live in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust between the government and the governed. 38

"Despotic and dictatorial regimes are increasingly relying on brute, violent force to maintain themselves, and this leads to an ever-shrinking role and arena for people's participation in their own socio-economic affairs, which in turn leads to the growing estrangement of the populace and the ruling establishment." 39

"The indifference shown towards [Israeli] barbarism by most leaders of Islamic countries can be attributed to sheer self-preservation. Were it not for self-preservation and the love of power and false glory, they would not just sit and be passive spectators of the immense human and Muslim tragedy in Palestine. They are worried that this illusionary power " which is totally worthless, I must say " may be taken from them." 40

Therefore, today we are faced with the sad fact of ever-increasing ambitions and aggressions by the Zionist regime, coupled with total, multi-dimensional support of forces of global oppression led by the United States. As was just discussed, this tragic fact is coupled with the weakness and increasing degradation of many Islamic countries ruled by despotic regimes, which lack popular bases. Since this state of affairs and the seeming Islamic powerlessness in the face of increasing Zionists' aggression is well understood by the leaders of the enemy camp, what the Zionists want, will, and order, seems to be the order of the day these days.

The comprehension and pure observation of the current state of affairs leads every Muslim to lament at this moving, live picture of a step-by-step retreat by and distancing of these so-called Islamic governments from the legitimate rights and aspirations of the Palestinian nation. This too, has only served to make the Zionists both more barbaric and greedier in their actions and policies against the innocent Palestinian nation. In the midst of this great tragedy, however, there are also genuine, caring, thinkers of Islamic societies whose souls and minds have been immersed in the fresh spring of divine wisdom and knowledge, and have been schooled in the great school of Islamic teachings and thought, have long understood in the depth of their souls the true, ugly, unchangeable nature of the Zionist regime and have tried to warn and enlighten Muslims about the destructive dangers inherent in any "peace and compromise," with the beastly Zionist regime. They have been warning us all that such so-called peace plans are all nothing but yet another ruse and conspiracy by forces of oppression and arrogance to deceive public opinion once again. "The latest deception of Zionists and their backers " the United States being the most important of them " is to use the beauty and grace inherent in the word of peace ... these people even are trying to use and misuse peace as a prelude to war and their next aggression." 41

We are also left with the great legacy and wisdom of our late Imam who as a Muslim social reformer and in discharging of his heavy responsibility and calling of defending the legitimate rights of all oppressed and deprived of our world, never " even in the most difficult of circumstances " gave up his defense of the heroic and innocent people of Palestine and their Islamic identity and aspirations. In fact, never in his life did he ever retreat even a small step from his fundamental stands on the basic rights of Palestinians. He also never ceased and desisted from admonishing and advising Islamic governments on the importance of unity and the avoidance of infighting and conflict among Muslims. The late Imam instead emphasized relying on the people and winning their hearts and minds by ruling by example in piousness and not in love and quest for power:

"Why are the Islamic governments so oblivious of the power of Islam? Why should they be so dominated by foreign powers? [Because] unfortunately they suffer from so many internal differences and conflicts. Here lies the root cause of Muslims' problem." 42

Or elsewhere he remarks:

"For almost twenty years we have discussed these issues [of the Islamic world], and on many occasions offered Arab governments and Muslims our views and advice ... Alas, if only Arab governments who rule over large populations...were united this great tragedy which has befallen Palestine and Beit-ul-Muqaddas would have been avoided." 43

These incisive and decisive stands by the late Imam and Ayatollah Khamenei with respect to the issue of Palestine leave no room for retreat and so-called compromises in the face of ceaseless Israeli aggressions, and both have called such retreats and efforts "treachery and treason" to the world of Islam and high religious values. An example of these constant, strong stances is the order issued by our late Imam immediately following the "Camp David Accord," cutting off ties with Egypt and terming Anwar al-Sadat a "traitor." 44

"Considering the content of the treacherous Egyptian-Israeli treaty, which entails unconditional subservience of the government of Egypt to the United States and [the forces] of Zionism, the Transitional Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran must sever diplomatic ties with the Egyptian government forthwith ... [and] I hope that the great Egyptian nation cut off the reins of power from the hands of this traitor, and thus, wipe away the shame of subservience to the US and Israel from the nation's record." 45

Our current Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, also has a long record of concurring with the late Imam that, any giving in to the Zionist regime " at any time and even in the slightest degree " is a great betrayal of the entire world of Islam and Muslims, and has also always stood steadfast in his total and unshakable support of the country and innocent, heroic people of Palestine. Our esteemed Leader in his enlightening words goes so far as to call Palestine an [inseparable] part of the [soul] and body of the Islamic world, as though it was its beating heart. On many, many occasions Ayatollah Khamenei has put in clear words his solid beliefs and stands on this critical issue of the world of Islam:

"These acts of softness, these policies, and these exceptionally abject surrenders by some leaders of Arab countries under US and Zionist pressures, will not solve even a single problem Palestinians grapple with every day." 46

"These negotiations to give in [and give up everything] which are occurring between some Arab and Israeli leaders are among the ugliest of all deceptive acts ... the treason of these people who are speaking in the name of Palestinians in these processes, is much worse, dreadful, and formidable than all treacherous deeds ever committed against Palestine." 47

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Adopted from the book: "Palestine Throbbing Heart of the World of Islam"

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