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Palestine, Most Pressing Islamic International Issue

"The issue of Palestine is one which concerns the entire world of Islam, and in addition to the political, security, and economic aspects of the matter, Muslims here are facing not only a divine and Islamic duty to help, because above all, it is a Divine issue." 32

Also let us proceed here armed with the fact that when we search and peruse Islamic sources " chief among them the Holy Quran, and the Traditions, which have recorded important deeds and words of the holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam, and high Islamic scholars " we gather conclusively that the religion of Islam, being a divine, monotheistic religion which contains social aspects that call for administering Muslim societies based on a special governing structure (a religious government), and in which, much care is taken to precisely, clearly, and severely enforce religious law within Islamic guidelines, and also sets out with clarity where moderation and forgiveness are called for or are all possible.

Therefore, the Great Almighty, as the ultimate Lawmaker and Law-giver, in order for an Islamic system of governance to appear and prosper in Muslim societies, has also provided the necessary philosophical tools and mechanisms for a supreme leader or imam to correctly and wisely lead the society toward ultimate spiritual and material prosperity.

Among these tools and mechanisms and duties are those, for instance, which call for severe punishment of depraved, incorrigible individuals, partly to serve as a warning to others as well; and also various ways of safeguarding and ensuring security and the rule of law in the society, and ultimately, safeguarding and securing all Islamic lands against foreign aggression.

Therefore, safeguarding the boundaries of Muslim lands, and stubborn and unrelenting resistance in case of aggression or occupation is directly related to the dignity, power, and greatness Muslims enjoy in the global community at any time, and is considered a prime duty of the imam (leader of an Islamic society) in any Islamic society.

Since in the immense human tragedy and continued occupation of Palestine we have the clearest of cases of naked aggression and occupation by alien pagans and unbelievers " a case also full of limitless injustice and barbarism, together with total denial of the most basic of human and religious rights to the Palestinian Muslims, behavior which can only arise from sick and depraved souls of the Zionist occupiers " therefore, we also have a hard test for all Muslims and governments in Islamic lands to do their religious duty and help in carrying out timeless and unchangeable Divine Laws and Commandments. Our late Imam was a pioneer in drawing Muslims' attention to the immense injustice and danger inherent in the Palestinian occupation and went as far as to "declare a state of war between Muslims and the Zionist regime, and in his religious ruling forbade any political, economic, or military ties with Israel, calling it illegitimate, usurper, and an enemy of all Muslims." 33

In fulfilling the heavy burden and mission of the leadership of Muslim societies and in defense of the independence and territorial integrity of Islamic countries, the late Imam Khomeini tried from the very beginning to enlighten and warn Muslims about the great danger Israel presents and reminded all of us of our Islamic duty with respect to this clear case of aggression.

"Muslims should know that Israelis will not ever forego or forget their sinister aim of ruling Muslim lands from the Nile to the Euphrates ... and those who support Israel should understand that they are feeding and helping grow stronger every day a viper waiting for a chance to bite ... This dangerous viper must not be given more time." 34

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, has also stated on many occasions and for the same reasons, that the long, ruthless occupation of Palestine must " precisely because it is such a vital issue " stay at the top of Muslims' international agenda until it is ended. He has also repeatedly warned and has spoken to Muslims about, "a most intricate conspiracy and campaign by the enemies of Islam so that the issue of Palestine is somehow forgotten by the public opinion, and in this shameful campaign, mass propaganda, unabashed lies, deception, disinformation, and misinformation are all used as tools.

"The Islamic Republic considers the continued occupation of Palestine as the most import of all issues facing the Islamic world, and contrary to the United States and Israel's wish and will that this vital issue is somehow forgotten, our government's policy is to bring it up at every opportunity and every place possible." 35

The Leader says somewhere else:

"What is our stance and problem today is that the Palestinian issue from the Islamic point of view is a fundamental issue and a religious obligation for all the Muslims " including us." 36

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Adopted from the book: "Palestine Throbbing Heart of the World of Islam"

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