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Toasted Fillet Steak Sandwich


Fillet steak butterflied
Butter or olive oil
White pepper
Crystal hot sauce
All joy tomato sauce (optional)
Kraft miracle whip
Lettuce leaves
sliced cucumber
sliced tomato
julienne green pepper strips
onion rings (optional)
Dairybelle cheddar cheese slices
Thick slices of bread


1. Grill fillet steak in a Bauer or non -stick pan with butter or olive oil (for a healthier option).

2. When fillet steak is almost done, sprinkle Aromat & white pepper.

3. Butter thick slices of white bread on both sides,toast bread in a Bauer or non - stick pan until light golden brown(bread must be soft - don't over toast).

4. Place grilled pieces of fillet steak on toasted bread.

5. Spread Crystal hot sauce over steak,kraft miracle whip or tomato sauce.

6. Layer cheese slice over steak.

7. Add lettuce leaves,cucumber slices,tomato slices,onion rings & julienne green pepper strips.

8. Cover sandwich with the second slice of toasted bread.

9. Serve immediately with masala french fries.

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