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Things which invalidate wudhu

There are seven things which invalidate one s wudhu.

1. Urine
2. Feces
3. Semen
4. Passing gas
5. Unconsciousness caused by sleep, however if one is aware enough to recognize voices around him, then it will not invalidate his wudhu
6. Intoxication
7. Unconsciousness caused by other than sleep

You should remember vomiting, nose bleeds, nail cutting, hair cutting, and loud laughing do not invalidate wudhu. If a bone is broken and covered by a plaster cast which cannot be made wet, then you do not have to make the broken area wet. In this condition, the wudhu remains valid.

Adopted from the book: "Kashaful Salat" by: "Seyyed Baqir Nisar Zaidi"

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