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The Wiping of the Ears

The Imamis are agreed - in following the Imams from the pure family - that the mash of the ears is not a part of the wudu, for there is no proof for it in the book, the Sunni or in any consensus. Rather, it is clear from the book that the wudu consists of the two washings - the face and the hands - and the two wiping - the head and the feet.

The Hanbalis have deemed it obligatory to wipe the ears with the auditory meatus. Ibn Rushd reported this view from Abu Hanifa and his companions. Al-Shafi'i and Malik say that wiping them is recommended. They have differed regarding taking fresh water for them. A group has poke up from them and have stated they (the ears) are to be washed with the face. Others have said: "The inner [part] is to be wiped with the head, the outer is to be washed with the face." Al-Shafi'i says it is recommended to repeat [the act] just as he recommends [the repetition] when wiping on the head.

They have argued based on weak traditions, they do not prove anything for us. The two Sheikhs, al-Bukhari and Muslim, have not reported anything about it. Despite the weak traditions, those attaching importance to it have done so due to the force of it being widely practiced amongst them.

But the Imams of guidance, being the weighty thing from the Prophet of God (S.A.W.), did not pay heed to it; they are the people of the house of Prophecy. The people of the house are more knowledgeable regarding this, for us, the two weighty things are sufficient.

Adapted from the book: "Questions on Jurisprudence" by: "Abdul Hussein Shareefaldin Al-Musawi"

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