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Is it sufficient to wash the head instead of wiping it?

The people of the four schools of thought have agreed that the washing of the head in the wudu is sufficient instead of wiping on it, however, they have differed as to whether it is an abominable act or not. The Hanafis and Hanbalis stated that it is abominable, arguing that it is contrary to what Allah has commanded. The Shafi'is maintained: "It is not detestable but it is opposite to what is preferable to do." The Hanbalis said: "The washing can replace the mash provided the hand passes on the head."

As for the Imamis, they are agreed that it is not acceptable as it is contrary to what Allah commanded. It is [also] contrary to what is proven from the Prophet of God's (S.A.W.) wiping his blessed forelock rather than washing it. Therefore, legislating [something] in worship is invalid in itself and makes other [things] invalid. From what has been previously stated, you know that the washing and wiping are two separate entities, one cannot suffice for the other.

Adapted from the book: "Questions on Jurisprudence" by: "Abdul Hussein Shareefaldin Al-Musawi"

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