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The rulings of those things which break the fast - Part 5

(6) Making dust to reach the throat

1- What about the ruling concerning dust which is difficult to avoid?

A: In the given question, to say that the sawm is void is a matter of contemplation. Thus, caution should not be neglected in combining fasting and qada.

2- Would the sa`im break his sawm if he swallowed steam?

A: There is no objection in swallowing steam unless it would covert into water inside the month.

3- If smoke had entered the mouth of the sa`im, what is the ruling of his sawm?

A: Smoke would not harm the correctness of sawm.

4- Would smoking invalidate sawm or not?

A: It is based on the obligatory caution to avoid it.

5- I work in an iron mine and the nature of my work requires me to enter the mine daily. While working with mining equipments dust enters my mouth. This is my daily routine throughout the year. What is my duty? Is my fast valid in such a case?

A: Swallowing dust invalidates the fast as per obligatory caution. Therefore, one must guard against it. However, the mere entering of dust into the mouth and the nose without its being swallowed does not invalidate the fast.

Adopted from the book : "Questions & Answers About Fast Accroding to Ayatollah Khamenei's Fatwa"

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