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The rulings of those things which break the fast - Part 2

(3) Masturbation while fasting and in other instances

1- About seven years ago I intentionally invalidated my fast for several days during the month of Ramadan by masturbating. However, I do not know for sure how many days of fasting I violated in this way during the course of three Ramadans. I do not think they were less than 25 to 30 days. What is my obligation and the kaffarah that I should make?

A: Invalidating a day's fast in the blessed month of Ramadan by masturbating, which is prohibited by Islamic law, requires one of the following: (1)fasting for sixty days; or (2)feeding sixty poor persons, although it is a recommended caution to observe both of the two. As far as feeding sixty persons is concerned, you can give each of them one mudd (750 grams) of food for each day missed. Giving money is not a substitute unless it is given to a poor person to buy food on your behalf; thus, his acceptance to buy the food for himself is considered as kaffarah. Determining the price of the food given as kaffarah depends on the kind of food you choose to give, either in the shape of wheat, rice, or any other kind of food. As for the number of fasts you invalidated by masturbating, you are allowed in performing its qada and giving kaffarah to consider the number of days that you are certain about.

2- A person bound by religious obligation [mukallaf], knowing that masturbation does invalidate the fast, and does masturbate; does he have to offer the two-fold kaffarah? What is the rule if he does it without knowing that masturbation invalidates the fast?

A: In both cases he must offer just one kind of kaffarah, if he masturbates intentionally, although it is a recommended caution to observe the two fold kaffarah.

3- I had an emission of semen during the blessed month of Ramadan for no reason other than excitement that I felt during a telephone conversation with a non-mahram woman. If the phone conversation was not for the purpose of pleasure, was my fast invalid? And if it was, do I have to pay kaffarah as well?

A: If it was not a previous habit of yours to have an emission of semen while conversing with a woman, and the phone conversation was not intended for pleasure and the emission was involuntary, then your fast is valid, and you are not liable to anything.

4- A person had the habit of masturbating for a number of years while fasting in the month of Ramadan and at other times. What is the rule regarding his prayers and fasts?

A: Masturbation is absolutely prohibited, and when it leads to ejaculation it causes one to become in the state of major impurity [junub]. If this done during fasting, it amounts to breaking the fast by unlawful means. If one performs prayers and fasts in the state of major impurity [janabah], without performing major ablution [ghusl] or dry ablution [tayammum], his prayers and fasting are void and he must make them up [do their qada].

5- Someone at the beginning of legal maturity [bulugh] fasts during the month of Ramadan, and masturbates while fasting, continuing in fasting for some days without knowing that fasting requires a state of purity [taharah], that is not being in the state of major impurity [janabah]. Is it sufficient for him to perform qada of the fasts of those days, or some other rule applies to him?

A: In the light of the question, he has to perform both qada and kaffarah.

6- If someone who is fasting looks at a sexually arousing scene during the month of Ramadan, does it void his fast?

A: If he looks with the purpose of having an orgasm, or if he knows that it will cause him to become in the state of major impurity [junub], and it had been his habit before, and still he views it intentionally and becomes junub, then the rule that applies to him is the one that applies to someone who makes himself junub intentionally.

Adopted from the book : "Questions & Answers About Fast Accroding to Ayatollah Khamenei's Fatwa"

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