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The review of the author Baghdadi and his Tarikh

For this Chapter we will be quoting in detail from the high-ranking Ahlul Sunnah work Tarikh by Tahir Baghdadi. Since this will naturally be uncomfortable reading for the Deobandi Nasibis, they will seek to dismiss the books authenticity to the innocent masses, which is why before citing references we will present the verdicts of the Ahlul Sunnah Ulema on this book.

In Wuzhiyaat ul Ayaan Ibne Khalikkan praises Baghdadi.

"Fayz al Qadeer Sharra Jami ul Sagheer" by Abdul Rauf Manadi likewise heaped praise on this book.

Tarikh Maraathul Junaan Allamah Yaafi also praised the book.

Tabaqat Fuqua Shaafiya Allamah Ibne Jamaatha praised the writer and the book.

Al Ansab Allama Sum'aani praised both writer and book.

Tarikh Safdhi both are praised

Mufti Kanzal Dhurraiya, Abu Aalim Abdullah bin Muhammad al Ayaashi al Mughribee praises the work.

Risala Turjhee Madhab Shafee al Radhi praises the book and its writer.

Busthan al Haditheen, Shah Abdul Aziz praises both the book and the author.

Hafidh Abu Bakr bin Mahdhi, the Khateeb of Baghdad, was born on Thursay 27 Ziqaat 380 Hijri, concentrated on Din following the advice of his father and visited Basra, Kufa, Nishapur, Isfahaan, Hijaaz. He was taught by renowned names like Abu Naim writer of Hilayat al Auliya and Abu Saeed Makeeni, Abu Hasan bin Basher. Great Ulema like Ibne Makuula Muhaddith and Muhammad bin Marzook Zahfrani were his students. In Makka, Allamah Barsti taught him al-Bukhari in five days. Ismail bin Ahmad Nishapuri, had three sitting with him. His memory and intelligence was unmatched. After inquiring knowledge he returned to Baghdad. He wrote 60 Books including Tarikhe Baghdad that is 14 Volumes. No one could narrate Hadith without his permission.

Adapted from: "Devils Deception of the Nasibi Wahabis"

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