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The Quran Says : Hotama Is A Fire Closed In On Them

Atomic fire has encompassing feature too:-

(1) The atomic bomb explosion assumes the form of an inverted cauldron. Its fallout forms yet another enclosure around the first. The fallout of the Megaton thermonuclear bomb forms a global enclosure.

(2) The Bone-seeking radioactive substances cannot be expelled from the bones even after the death of the patient.

(3) Cancers have appeared from six to thirty years after the actual exposure to radiation. All this time the radiation has kept the victim encompassed.

(4) Cell is attacked by the radiation in the resting stage of the cell, but the effect of radiation appears only in the anaphase of the cell. Radiation thus keeps guard over the cell.

(5) If one organ of the body is irradiated, the whole of the body is encompassed by the radiation.

(6) Frogs if lethally irradiated and kept in a dormant state at a low temperature just above freezing point, they will instead of dying in the usual time interval of three to six weeks survive for many months. However, as soon as the irradiated animals are warmed up they begin to show radiation symptoms and will die in the same time interval as the animals which are not cooled after irradiation. Radiation has laid a siege to the irradiated animals that are cooled.

(7) That the radiobilogists have sensed this encompassing feature of radiation is proved from the fact that forty years ago, Alexander Haddow suggested that the cancer-producing action of the cancer-producing substances may be the result of prolonged interference with normal growth. Although it only is suggestion without the scientific proof yet it suggests the suspicion of the radiobiologist regarding the encompassing trait of radiation.

(8) Radiation encompasses mankind, even all species, nay even the plants to generations, to their extinction. Genes mutated by radiation move secretly from generation to generation till they manifest their existence in some generation in the form of abnormal birth. This abnormality being inheritable increases in kinds and numbers through marriage. This applies to every species of animals and plants to mean that radiation has kept its siege over them for generations, and there exists the possibility that radiation might continue its siege to the extinction of all life on earth. Nay, even thereafter, after the radiation has driven life to its grave, the huge grave of earth, it would keep on the encompassment of the grave that is this earth to million of years indeed according to the half-life of the radioactive substances.

(9) The scene of the Hellish encompassment of this earth by radiation in the age of full fledged atomic-energy-for-peace:-

Just imagine the scene of a world in some future age, when every power house, factory, ship, submarine, railway engine, aeroplane bus even every private car will have its own independent reactor. The leakage and the frequent explosions of old reactors all over the world will fill it with radiation and this earth will appear like a huge globe encompassed by the net of radiations that would continue even after life has been made extinct on earth by the effect of radiation. This world then for a period before the extinction of life will resemble so exactly the atomic hell that no keen-sightedness of a Socrates will be needed to see it so or call it so, nor is it impossible now even before the state has actually appeared, to imagine the actual state that will then be prevailing, naming that state as the atomic hell.

Adapted from: "Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell" by: "Tebyan"

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