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The Qur'an says "Hotama is a Fire closed in on them in outstretched columns"

1. The outstretched column of the atomic bomb explosion:-

The column has become the symbolical representation of the atomic bomb explosion. It is by the outstretched column that the atomic bomb explosion is optically differentiated from the conventional bomb explosion. Everybody knows the fact and recognizes it.

2. Radio-active atomic particles raise columns too:-

It is not only the atomic bomb explosion that raises the columns. The radio-active atomic particles too raise columns by themselves. The world of Radioactivity is a world of columns. A single Uranium-235 fission liberates comparatively huge energy equal to 200 MeV and if a Copper atom has to traverse a height of one inch only, it has to move a distance equal to 100 million times its own diameter. We find that an Alpha particle which is much smaller than the Copper atom in size and whose radius is of the order of abut 10-13 cm can rise to the height of from 3 to 7 centimeters. Thus the particle has traversed a distance equal to millions of millions times its own diameter. A football rising into air in the same ratio to its size would move far out into the outer space. Gamma rays despite their extreme smallness traverse a distance of 200 yards in air. This ratio is further formidable, rather inexpressibly large.

Beta Rays move several yards in air. The Neutron in the process of fission chain reaction of U-235 has to move a distance more than ten thousand times its size while rising from one nucleus to another, yet the Neutron is checked by the absorbing Nucleus, otherwise it can traverse greater distance if left to move unchecked. It means that the feature of raising columns is inherent in the nature of the atomic phenomenon itself, and is not confined to the atomic bomb explosion only. Further we find the Cosmic rays falling in showers on earth from the outer space. What formidable heights these columns would have. This may also be remembered that so fast is the speed of the atomic particles (Gamma rays move with the speed of light), that a rising particle would appear like the flash of lightening, although rising like a column. The scientist has not viewed this point from this angle as yet. A point more important than the unification of natural forces perhaps due to its correct direction.

Adapted from: "Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell" by: "Tebyan"

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