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The Quran Predicts, Characterizes And Averts The Atomic Hell

Thata scripture fourteen centuries ago, should characterize the Baconian philosophyof a modern atomism and the modern Baconian progress, at a time when neither atrace of ancient Greek atomism was to be found in this world, nor were thereany signs of its future revival any where in any part of this world, and shouldat the same time characterize the modern atomic phenomenon, giving out suchcharacteristics of atomic phenomenon as distinctively distinguish the atomicphenomenon from every other phenomenon, chemical, electrical, portraying thephenomenon of atomic bomb explosion, and strangely and phonetically calling theatomic fire by the same name as the modern scientist has given, that is Hotamaor Otama would come not merely as a surprise,

or a wonder, but rather a miraclemanifest and at least as great as raising the dead, if not greater. Andthat the Quran infer the appearance of atomic bomb and atomic radiations fromthe characteristics of Baconian culture, giving out the atomic hell as theconsequence of the characteristics of Baconian progress is a priori for nohuman intellect, not even a Plato or an Aristotle.

Both these prominentintellects of all human history having been antagonistic toward theancient Greek atomism in their time had themselves exerted against atomism, yetif they ever would happen to read this inference of the Quran, they would fall ontheir faces before the Allah of the Quran and worship in wonder at suchunique marvel of intelligence. The most beneficial side of this miraculousprophecy of the Quran is the revelation of the causes of the appearance ofatomic hell which the Quran has enumerated, for, it is by removing them thatthe threat of atomic annihilation could be averted and it is only by theremoval of these causes that the danger of atomic ruin could be removed.

Andthere is no other way. The scientist and the politician is completely helplessin this matter. Followingis the translation of the full text of the prophecy of the Quran. Every one isrequested to read it carefully and then find out for himself, how much ofnuclear science could have been found in these few words of the Quran.

Now thatI have revealed this secret. To me the explanation of these 36 words has castthree thousand pages, about nine hundred thousand words in English, and decadesof toil and labour day in day out. It was my own discovery by the Grace ofAllah and I had no fore-runner in this field and no model. The Quran says:-

"Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amaseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-hotama (the crusher), and what could teach thee what al-Hotama (the crusher) is? It is fire of Allah enkindled, which leapeth up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns". (Quran- 104- Al-Homaza)

Andfollowing are my works in English with some urdu translations, all unpublishedand awaiting their publication, and are miracles of the Quran. Those bulkyamong these are divided into series of small independent volumes:-

1 A Dialogue between the Quran and the Scientist on the limitations of Science in religious philosophy. English pages 300 (Urdu pages 300).

2 Quran Quells atomism, both ancient and modern. English. Pages 600. ( Urdu pages 600)

3 Quran Predicts, characterizes and Averts the Atomic Hell. English. Pages 600. Urdu pages 600

4 Democritus enkindles, Abraham extinguishes atomic hell. English pages 200 . Urdu pages 200 Allthe work is based neither on my own divine authority nor of the Quran butscience and logic is the criterion throughout.

5 Islamic bomb. English. Pages 100. Urdu pages 100 My other works still unpublished are:-

1 Socioeconomic system of Islam in comparison to Capitalism. and Socialism. Urdu pages 900 2

Election in Zoo. Urdu pages 300 3

Poetical works, Urdu, Persian, Pages 300 4

Green Book. Urdu pages 300 5

Articles (100) published in Urdu dailies of Pakistan , three volumes pages 700 in all. Following are the prominent features of Quran's warning:-

(a) It is the only guidance for mankind to escape the atomic doom. Scientists and politicians are helpless.

(b) This is a miracle which neither the scientist nor the sceptic can find a reason to deny or refute, even though science has neither belief nor sight in the miraculous or supernatural.

(c) It is the first time in the history of this modern age, that the Quran has exposed the true reality of Baconain philosophy, and Baconian progress, and the logical and scientific hazards impending on them and it appears impossible to reach the heart of the ultimate reality without reading this analysis by the Quran. Russell himself appears to be approaching the reality but viewing the outward ripples of the inward trouble, and seeing the danger in war only. They who prescribe more production as the remedy of the Baconian ills appear only adding fuel to the kiln in order to extinguish the fire. The Quran has diagnosed the disease aright and has prescribed the correct remedy, namely, the complete eradication of this Baconian progress. No movement against the atomic threat could be successfully or effectively conducted except by adopting the guidelines given by the Quran in its warning.

(d) Endeavours to revive religion in this Baconially entangled culture and in the presence of this ever-increasing progress, will be of dubious and partial success. Religion will find difficulties presented by this Baconian system and will have to contend with the ever--increasing attention of its votaries fixed on the progress. And it will be observed, that religion was proving ineffective in this world's gradual drift toward the atomic hell. And when Atomic hell will come, it will neither leave the religion, nor its votaries. The revivers of religion, therefore must understand this warning of the Quran and work and their programme in the light of its guidelines.

(e) This warning of the Quran is the Noah's Ark in this fiery deluge of modern atomism, and is like the Rod of Moses for these inventions of science.

(f) This prophetic warning about the atomic hell has furnished, undeniable and irrefutable proof of the divine original of the Quran. None but Allah could know these facts fourteen centuries ago.

Read the following prophecy with care and try to find out for yourself any resemblance between the description of Al-Hotama as is given by the Quran and the characteristics of atomic fire.The Quran has said:-

"Woe unto every backbiter, defamer, who amaseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach you what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leaps up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns". (Quran- CIV- Al-Homaza)

This prophecy about Al-Hotama has existed in the Quran ever since its revelation. I found it to be applicable to the atomic hell of this world according to the characterization of the phenomenon, and according to the causes of the appearance of the phenomenon. This is my own discovery. None in the world knew it. And the entire work on it is exclusively my own.

The atomic energy is of recent origin against the chemical and electrical energy. Atomic energy has certain basic distinctive characteristics in comparison to other types of energy. These characteristics distinguish the atomic energy from other types of energy. The Quran has treated the subject of nuclear phenomenon and has described the basic distinctive characteristics of atomic energy, and has called it Al-Hotama, a hell of the next eternal world and therefore itself eternal. The atomic hell of this temporal world is the temporal representation of the Hotama of the next eternal world just as ordinary fire is the temporal representation of the hell of the next eternal world in general, and so also is garden the representation of the paradise of the next eternal world. The Quran has claimed to contain every example for mankind.

If then the example of the destruction of the Froward tribes of Sodom and Gomorrah have found a mention in the Quran, how it could be expected that the destruction by the atomic hell should be omitted therefrom. What was the destruction of those little tribes against this universal destruction by the atomic hell, and what was the torture of those condemned tribes against the torment and the torture and suffering caused by the atomic hell. Some may be cast into the atomic hell undeservedly along with those deserving ones, but then God has the power and the mercy to compensate this loss in the next world. According to the Quran, causes of the punishment in al-Hotama are slander, wealth accumulation and the belief in the eternity of the life of this world, that is a solicitude in the durability of the material works of this world as if one hoped to live here for ever.

Belief or disbelief is not the consideration in this particular matter. The stay of the believer, however, in the Hotama will be as long as Allah will wish, but the disbeliever shall have to remain therein forever eternally. Now not only the characteristics of Hotama are identical with those of the atomic fire, but also the causes which the Quran has given out as the causes of the punishment in Al-Hotama are identical with the causes of the appearance of atomic fire with all its brood of manifestations. And the Quran only is that which has pointed towards the right direction for the remedy, otherwise all the various stages of this age are giving out more production as the remedy as if the addition of fuel could be prescribed as the extinguishing agent in case of a raging fire.

This prophetic warning of the Quran has to be taken as the conclusive argument of the providence to mankind, and indeed as the last and the only ray of hope. No power on earth can save now this world from atomic destruction except by the removal of those causes which the Quran has given out as the causes of the punishment in Al-Hotama and subsequently of the appearance of the atomic hell namely the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations on this earth.

For me now is to prove that the basic characteristics of atomic fire are the basic characteristics of Al-Hotama and vice versa. And that he causes of the punishment in Al-Hotama are the causes of the appearance of atomic energy on earth. It is surprising to note that the characteristics of Al-hotama given by the Quran are those characteristics of atomic fire which distinguish it from other types of fire either in principle or in some cases in degree.

Again and surprising it is that a scripture should predict describe and warn against the atomic hell fourteen centuries ago in an age of no science. Though the professional appreciation of the prophecy is reserved for the scientists and the philosophers yet no little surprise is there for the layman. What would have been the state of the mind of an Einstein at the nuclear description of the atomic fire by the Quran, is not very difficult to guess.

He simply would not believe his eyes and his ears first and then he would be lost in reverie, for it was for a mind of the level of Einstein not only to understand the exact nature of the description of the characteristics, but also to have some view of the extent of the nuclear knowledge of that mind which had made the prediction. Indeed if the human knowledge of nuclear science today or ever after be regarded as a lamp, the knowledge of the Quran in this respect appears as a distinct luminous star which is visible in any part of the universe, to guide the sailor and the astronaut, or the solitary traveller lost in the desert.

Adapted from: "Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell" by: "Tebyan"

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