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Prophetic Warning Of The Quran

A miracle in the field of atomic science and atomism, a miracle undeniable, and the only irrefutable proof of Quran's divine original, and the only guidance to escape the atomic doom, indeed, Noah's Ark in this fiery deluge of atomism, and redeemer of mankind from this temporal atomic hell as well as its original prototype, the eternal atomic hell (Hotama) of the next world .... the causes of both these forms of atomic hell being identical, this 36 word prophecy of the Quran by the Grace of Merciful Allah is my own discovery with my three thousand page explanation of it. Read. The Quran says:

"Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will remain with him for ever. Nay, for, verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama.And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is the fire of Allah enkindled which leapeth up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns". (Quran -104- Al-Homaza). Observe now the description of this modern progress of Baconian atomism by the Quran. Quran says, "backbiter and defamer".

Atomism, both ancient and modern, is a doctrinal slander against divine religion. The spirit of critical rationalism, the distinguishing philosophical standard of this modern Baconian age against every premodern age, being perverted to critical slander, and permeating through every phase of human affair, has rendered this age as the age of calumny with its intellectualized slander named propaganda.

This age itself is the age of slander. See slander every where, slander, every-way slander. The Quran says " He amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it against the future". Observe this modern, continuous systematic, organized, ever-increasing, infinite and universal process, of wealth accumulation and increase, and its arrangement for future as distinct from the system of every premodern age.

The Quran says" He thinketh that his wealth will for ever remain with him". Observe man's faith in the eternity of this modern progress. The Quran says, "Nay,for verily he will be flung into Al-Hotama". Atomic hell as the logical and scientific consequence of this Baconian progress has now appeared. And now observe the distinguishing phenomenal characteristics of atomic phenomenon against every other phenomenon,chemical and electrical in this passage of the Quran.

The Quran says"Hotama". Hotama literally means a crusher, and so is the atomic phenomenon. It crushes basic atomic structure irreparably. It destroys atomic nucleus. In no other phenomenon atomic nucleus is so much as touched. The atomic energy is generated by merely breaking the binding of the atomic nucleus. No other kind of energy is generated in this manner. Atomic radiations follow the suit. They cause nuclear transmutations of atoms in inanimate matter while in living bodies they break cell nucleus chromosomes irreparably.

This atomic phenomenon is an absolute,universal crusher. Both the basic building block of the universe that is atom and the basic unit of life that is cell nucleus are absolutely irreparably crushed. All the three manifestations of atomic bomb that is Heat-flash, blast and radiations are crushers.Heat-flash crushes the hearts of exposed persons.

The blast crushes structures, while radiations crush atomic nuclei and cell nuclei. The appreciation of the Term BREMSTRAHLUNG by the Physicists as highly descriptive when first coined by the Germans for continuous spectrum of rays implied the realization of the crushing trait of atomic phenomenon by the physicists, for, the term literally meant breaking radiation. To this may be added Rutherford's surprise recorded in his diary after his famous experiment of bombarding the Gold Foil with Alpha Particles.

"It was the most incredible event thatever happened to me in my life. It was as incredible as if you fired a 15 inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit you",wrote Rutherford. Observe the words like "Bombarding, hitting, smashing, crushing, breaking". etc. in the standard text books of atomic physics, and mark the phrases like "Target Concept, direct action, indirect action, snapping the cable with a bullet, breaking the chromosomes", and sentences like "Radiations hit the cell like a sledge hammer and crush them", in the standard text books of Radio-biology. And in the end mark the phonetic as well as functional identity that exists between the atoma of the scientists and the Hotama of the Quran and wonder. The Quran says "Hotama is fire".

And so also is the atomic phenomenon exclusively a phenomenon of energy, and energy is fire. Atomic bomb also is fire. So also are radiations. Baquerrel, the discoverer of Radioactivity was the first to experience a burn on his skin next to the pocket in which he had carried a phial of Radium. The term cross-fire is used in Radiotherapy. The Quran says"Hotama is fire of Allah". The atomic hell has appeared as the result of the worldly ungodly philosophy of Baconian atomism and its Baconian progress as retribution. The Quran says, "Hotama is a fire which leaps up on to the hearts".

Atomic phenomenon actually is the nuclear phenomenon, for, the atomic nucleus is involved. This again is a distinguishing feature of the atomic phenomenon, for, no other phenomenon is nuclear. In no other phenomenon nucleus is even touched. Quran's description of atomic fire, that is a fire which leaps up on to the hearts or appears in the hearts is confirmed merely by uttering the word, nuclear, since the nucleus and heart are synonymous, and both the orthodox physicists and standard text books of atomic physics frequently use the word heart for nucleus. Two examples only will suffice:-

(1). "Each fast particle comes from the break up of the very Heart of a single atom the nucleus of the radioactive material". (Vide Physics -Physical Science Study Society Committee -second edition -D.C.Heath and Company Lexinction Massachusetts. uly 1965 page 130).

(2). " How many nuclearheart-beats are in the life-time of a radioactive nucleus which lasts onlybillionth of a second". (Ibid page 21, Short Problems).

Teller in 1939 spoke of taking energy from the heartof atom.The atomic radiations follow the suit and have their actions in thenuclei ofatoms and cells. The most spectacular spectacle of atomic fire'sleaping up over the hearts may be viewed in the thermonuclear device whereinthe fire is produced by the inner fission device is being directed onto thenuclei that is the hearts of the outer fusile material.

The thermonuclear isthe scientific version of the statement of the Quran,namely, a fire which leapsup on to the hearts. Radiations show a discernible preference for the heart andall that is related to the heart in a living body. They affect the coordinationof the function at the level where it isbeyond the control of the brain. Thebone-marrow and all the blood-forming organs are more sensitive to the effectof radiation than the brain,the nerves and the muscles.The blood relation ofbone-marrow and blood-forming organs with heart is known.

All the multi-cellularorganisms are more sensitive to the effect of radiation than all theunicellular organisms. That the former have a more elaborate circulatory andrespiratory system than the latter, is well Known also in the blood relation ofcirculatory and respiratory system with heart.The action of radiation isretarded in the absence of oxygen and the blood-relation of oxygen with heartis known.Lastly the heat-flash of the atomic bomb explosion kills its victimthrough shock to the heart.

The Quran says, "Hotama is a fire closed in onthem". The atomic phenomenon shows peculiar and distinctive characteristicof encompassing. The inverted cauldron like form of the atomic bomb explosion,the continuous series of enclosures of local and global type of radioactivefallout, the relentless tenacity of the bone-seeking radio-activematerials settled in the bones, the appearance of cancers six to thirty sixyears after the actual exposure to radiation, the appearance of the effects inanaphase inspite of the attack of radiation on the cell in the resting state ofthe cell,

the encompassment of the whole body by the radiation even if only oneorgan of the body is irradiated, the survival of the lethally irradiated frogsfrom many months instead of dying in the usual time interval that ofthree to six weeks if kept in a dormant state at a low temperature just abovefreezing point, and the appearance of radiation symptoms as soon as theseirradiated frogs are warmed up, and the occurrence of their death thereafter inthe usual time interval that of three to six weeks,

Alexander Haddow'ssuggestion that the cancer-producing action of the cancer producing substancesmight be the result of prolonged interference with normal growth, theencompassment by radiation of mankind to generation, even to their extinctionthrough long-term radio-genetic effects, and the encompassment of this earth byradiation in the age of full-fledged atomic-energy-for-peace are some of thefacts which indicate the distinct encompassing features of atomic phenomenon.The Quran says, "in outstretched columns". Besides the symbolicallydistinctive feature of the outstretched column associated with the atomic bombexplosion, the atomic phenomenon has yet another side of this aspect, namelythat the world of radioactivity may be regarded as a world of columns.

The 4 cmrise of the Alpha Particle would appear as a formidable column if the size ofthe particle is seen in comparison to the height it has assumed a footballrising in the same ratio to its size would appear in the skies. The cosmic rayspresent a spectacle of amazing columns in showers, having heights that maycause man's imagination to reel. The Quran says " What could teach theeWhat Al-Hotama is?". This mode of interrogation implies terribleness ofthe phenomenon according to the early commentators of the Quran. To this may beadded the extreme complexity of the subject of atomic science. The samequestion today, namely, "What could teach thee what atomic scienceis"? could be put to the leading atomists, and their reply wouldinvariably be, "Nothing".

The Quran has described the nuclear phenomenon, with such accuracy, and hasanalyzed its characteristics with such precision, and has discerned itsdistinctive features with so strange a peculiarity that might well come as asurprise to the modern reader, particularly the scientists,and we may welldescribe a truth without being supspected of resorting to ancient and outmodedstyle of rhetoric if we say, that the description of the characteristics of theenuclear phenomenon by the Quran,

would throw the scientist and the philosopherinto ecstatic moods, provided indeed, if the faculty of imagination of thesecelebrated geniuses have not been completely dulled and dried up, by science,by materialism and by necessity.They will observe with some interest, a factnamely, that,whereas even the fathers of atomic bomb had to depend on practicalexperimentation in order to gain the knowledge of the characteristics of theirinvention, the Quran has contained all that knowledge,and something more thanthat,during these past fourteen centuries since the time when men possessed aknowledge of thermodynamics no more than that which could be derived from alime kiln or a fire that glowed in their own hearts.

The true appreciation ofthis point could be expected from great atomists of the calibre of Einstein,Fermi, Oppenheimer, Steller andothers of note. The Quran contained all thismost accurate scientific data about the nuclear phenomenon long before thescientists even had heard the name of the Uranium Fission, nay even the veryname of Uranium itself.

Let some one approach any of the renowned men of therealm of science and ask him, how much did he know about the variouscharacteristics of the nuclear phenomenon e.g. its heat-flash, its enclosingfeatures, its column raising idiosyncrasy, its radiations and theirheart-reaching tendencies, and the global extent of the radiobiological hazardof the fallout before the actual experimentation, of the various processes. The Quran has enumerated and explainedall these characteristics of the nuclear phenomenon with such dexterity andclearness that could be the wonder and delight of an atomist. The characterization of the nuclear phenomenon by the Quran are :-

(1) It is a fire.
(2) It is fire of Allah,enkindled.
(3) It leaps up over the hearts.
(4) It is fire closed in on them.
(5) In outstretched columns (Quran 104, Al - Homaza).

Adapted from: "Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell" by: "Tebyan"

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