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The Prophet's (s.a.w.) Anxiety over the Future of Da'wah

One night, the Messenger (s.a.w.) called Imam Ali (a.s.) and a number of his companions, to go with him to the cemetery of al-Baqi'. I have been told to ask forgiveness for the dead of al-Baqi’, he told them.

He entered the cemetery and paused in the middle of it and addressed the dead saying:

Peace be upon you, O the inhabitants of the graves. Be rejoiceful at your other life away from what has come upon the people, when sedition came, like fragments of the dark night, one after another.

He asked Allah to forgive the dead of al-Baqi' , for a lengthy time, then he announced to the attendants his impending departure to Allah. Gradually, the Prophet's health became poorer. During those critical hours he stressed the need of sending the army of Usamah and that no Muslim was allowed to linger behind. But the prominent companions excused themselves and said that owing to the failing health of the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) they could not desert him.

Adapted from the book: "Muhammad; The Messenger of Allah"

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