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The Prophet's Kindness to Captives

When Imam Ali conquered the Jewish fortress of Khaybar, among the captives he took was Safiyyah the daughter of Huyyay ibn Akhtab. He summoned Bilal and put her in his custody and said to him: 'O Bilal, only give her over to the Apostle of God until he does as he sees fit with her. Bilal took her and on the way to the Apostle of God they passed by the dead and Safiyyah almost died of grief. When the Apostle of God heard of this he said to Bilal: 'Have you been stripped of mercy O Bilal?'

Then he offered her Islam and she accepted and he freed her, and he offered to marry her which she accepted. She was a well mannered woman and whenever she wanted to mount a camel and the Apostle of God bent to help her mount she would refuse. He saw a green mark near to her eye and asked her about it. She said: 'O Apostle of God, before you came to us I saw in a dream the moon and it was as if it had left its place and descended into my lap. I told my husband this and he struck my face and my eye became green. He said: 'This means nothing other than that you desire the king of the Hijaz.' i.e. the Prophet.

Adopted from the book : "The Prophet Muhammad; a Mercy to the World" by : "Ayatullah Muhammad Sadiq al-Shirazi"

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