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The Prophet's Consultation

Im"m Ja!far al-Sadiq relates that the Apostle of God was asked: 'O Apostle of God, what is prudence?' He said: 'To consult with those who are judicious and to follow their advice.' 262 It is also related that Im"m al-Sadiq said: 'Amongst that which the Apostle of God advised Imam Ali in his will was that he said: 'There is no support stronger than consultation and there is no intelligence like forward thinking.' 263

The Prophet said to the Commander of the Faithful: 'O Ali, do not consult with a cowardly person for he will make the solution very limited. And do not consult with a miserly person for he will bring you short of your goal. And do not consult with a greedy person for he will make evil appear beautiful to you ...' 264

He also said: 'Consulting with an intelligent person of good counsel is good sense and good fortune and success from God. If the intelligent person of good counsel gives his opinion then do not oppose it for the consequence of this is perdition.' 265 It is also related that the Prophet said: 'Whenever a man consults with another he will be guided to good sense.' 266

It is related that Imam Ali said: 'The Apostle of God said:

'Whoever is consulted by his brother in faith and he does not give him sincere counsel then God will take away his intelligence.' 267


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Adopted from the book : "The Prophet Muhammad; a Mercy to the World" by : "Ayatullah Muhammad Sadiq al-Shirazi"

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