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The Prophet's Care for his Companions

The Messenger of God used to travel in the rear guard so that he could help the weaker of his companions and carry those whose mounts had faltered and were no longer able to bear a burden. On the way back from the Patched banner excursion he met with Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari who had lagged behind the rest and he said to him: 'What is wrong O Jabir?'

Jabir, pointing to his camel said: 'This has made me slow.' The Messenger of God approached the camel and ran his hand over it and it became strong and began making advances to the Messenger of God's she camel. Then he said to Jabir: 'O Jabir, will you sell me this camel of yours.' He said: 'Rather I will gift it to you.'

He said: 'No but sell it to me.' So the Messenger of God offered an ounce of gold when he said: 'Are you satisfied O Jabir.' Jabir said: 'I am satisfied O Messenger of God, the camel is yours.' The Messenger of God said: 'It is mine and you may ride it until we reach Medina.' Then he said to Jabir: 'Are you married O Jabir?' He said: 'Yes O Messenger of God.'

He said: 'Was she a divorcee or a virgin.' He said: 'A divorcee.' Then Jabir sighed deeply and said: 'O Messenger of God, on the day of (the battle of) Ohud my father was (fatally) wounded and I was left in charge of seven of my sisters so I married a woman who could take care of them.'

The Messenger of God was concerned and it showed in his face and he said praising what Jabir had done: 'You have done well O Jabir.'

Then the Messenger of God asked about his father's debts and Jabir informed him. Then the Messenger of God said to him: 'When you enter Medina and want to clip your date palms and take the dates then let me know.'

Jabir relates: 'So I entered Medina and told my wife of what had been said to me by the Messenger of God and she said with joy: 'You must obey.' In the morning Jabir took the camel to the door of the mosque then sat nearby. The Messenger of God came to the mosque and saw the camel and said: 'What is this?' 'O Messenger of God, this is Jabir's camel.' said some of his companions. He said: 'And where is Jabir himself?' So Jabir was called upon and the Prophet said to him: 'Take the camel for it is yours.' Then he summoned Bilal and said to him: 'Give Jabir an ounce of gold.'

Jabir relates: So I went with him and he gave me an ounce.

He Goes Hungry The Messenger of God used to bind stones upon his stomach because of hunger.

Imam Ali relates: 'We were with the Prophet digging the moat before the battle of the Khandaq when Lady Fatimah came with a crust of bread. She gave it to the Prophet who said: 'O Fatimah, what is this?'

Lady Fatimah said: 'I baked a loaf of bread for Hasan and Husayn and I have brought you this crust. The Prophet said:

'This is the first food to enter your father's stomach for three days.'

Adopted from the book : "The Prophet Muhammad; a Mercy to the World" by : "Ayatullah Muhammad Sadiq al-Shirazi"

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