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The Prophet's last prayer and sermon in his mosque

The sickness of the Prophet assumed a serious turn from Saturday night and till Sunday night the fever continued unabated.

Early in the morning on Monday, the day of his death, the Prophet with his head bandaged, came out of his apartment supported by two men. After prayers, he delivered a short sermon with a voice that reached beyond the outer doors of the Mosque, which was unusually crowded with anxious people who had been seeking for the news of his health after the crisis of the preceding night. In the sermon the Prophet also said that evils were drawing near and the darkest part of asdark and tempestuous night was approaching.


The Prophet re-entered his apartment and lay down exhausted. His strength was rapidly failing.


He called Fatima, his beloved daughter and made her sit by his side and whispered something into her ear. She burst into tears. He then again whispered something to her and dried her tears with his own hands. She then appeared comforted and 1 smiled. He then called Hasan and Husain, his dear children whom he had fondled in his lap for years, to embrace them for the last time. Hasan put his face upon the face of the Prophet, and Husain threw himself upon his breast. Both of them wept and cried so bitterly that everyone else in the room started to cry. The Prophet embraced them very affectionately, kissed them both and directed everyone present to treat them and their mother with utmost love and respect, as they were treated by himself. (It was usual with the Prophet that when he saw Fatima approaching, he always stood up, and, advancing a pace or two, received her with acclamations of joy, then kissing her hand, he used to sit in his own place.)

'Just before he breathed his last a little alter midday on 28th Safar 11 A.H. he sent for Ali 2.

He admonished Ali to bear with patience and self control all the troubles which he would be subjected to after his death. He desired Ali to pursue with patience the right path leading to the next world even though he may find others engrossed in this world. The Prophet took Ali's head inside his own mantle, so that it covered both of them, till Ali took out his head and announced the death of the Prophet. (Life of Ali by Dar Quti wal Razi, page 739; printed at Khadimal Talim Press, Lahore; Madarij-al Nabowat.)

3 Ibn Sa'd and Hakim have recorded that the Prophet breathed his last with his head on the lap of Ali.

The last words spoken by the Prophet, said Alt, were "The blessed companionship on high. Prayers," ,prayers after which he stretched himself gently and teen all was over.

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Adapted from: "Ali, The Magnificent" by: "Yousuf N. Lalljee"

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