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The Prophet (S) cried mourning for Imam al-Husayn (as)

Adapted from: "The Uprising of Ashura and Responses to Doubts" by: "‘Ali Asghar Ridwani"

‘A’ishah recounted, “Al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali came into the house while revelation was being given to the Noble Prophet (S). He grabbed the Prophet’s waist and climbed up on his back and started playing. The Archangel Jibra’il (Gabriel) said to the Holy Prophet, ‘O Muhammad! Verily, soon it will be that your ummah will create sedition and conspiracy after you and kill this child of yours.’ Then, Gabriel stretched his fist out and brought out clay which he gave to the Noble Prophet (S). He said, ‘It is in this land where your child will be killed. A land called “Taff”.’

When the Archangel Gabriel left, the Prophet of Allah joined his companions. He still had the clay in his hands. Among them were Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Ali, Hadhayfah, ‘Ammar and Abu Dharr. The Holy Prophet (S) started crying.

They asked, ‘Why are you crying, O Prophet of Allah?’ He answered, ‘Gabriel has told me that my child al-Husayn will surely be killed in a land called Taff. He brought clay for me from that land. He also informed me that al-Husayn will be buried in that same place’.”1


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