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The Necessity of Carefull Learning of the Hajj Rituals mecca

It is necessary for the Hajj pilgrims to learn the problems of Hajj, both the incumbent and interdicted, from the elite ulema, in order that no violations incur which will squander all their efforts, or may cause the pilgrims not become MOHEL and create problems for them.

Amongst the significant matters necessary for the honorable pilgrims and clergymen of caravnans to spend their worthy time on, is to teach and to learn the Hajj problems, as negligence in this duty may cause many burdensome problems such as nullification of the Hajj rituals, or, their halting in EHRAM status.

The distinguished ulema of the caravans should invite the pilgrims of their supervised caravans to training sessions on Hajj rituals and the pilgrims are strongly required not to be remiss a moment, but try to learn the problems whole-heartedly  and perform the rituals with full awareness.

I would like to point out to the pilgrims of the sanctifed House of God, to scrupulously learn the rites and rituals from the clergymen of the caravans and never proceed to the rituals without their guidance. Many a time, God forbid, your performance may be nullified, by negligence and you may not be able to compensate it to the end of your life and halt in EHRAM status, and return back home carrying problems for yourselves and your relatives. This is a canonical obligation not to be neglected. I further point out to the respectable clergymen that, in addition to expressly expounding problems to their supervised groups through various sessions, they must be careful to watch them   during   their   performances   and   give   them   necessary guidance.

I have to point out to the honorable ulema and clergymen of the caravans to convene sessions to discuss the canonical problems and humane responsibilities to the pilgrims, before their departure.

I would like to point out to our honorable sisters and brothers from other Muslim countries, before anything else, to perform the   Hajj   rituals-this   lofty   adoration-resplendently    and   as decreed, and try to learn its problems scrupulously, from the elite ulema, lest, God forbid, upon completion of performance and lapse of time, it becomes known that you have defaulted and your whole endeavors are squandered.

*  * *

The spiritual attainments of Hajj which are man's assets to eternal life and the cause for admittance to the horizons of monotheism  and  adoration,  may not be  achieved  except  by scrupulous performance of the devotional commandments. The honorable    pilgrims    and    caravan    clergymen    must    make determined efforts to learn and teach the Hajj rituals, and it is up to   the    learned    to    observe    their    companions,    lest    thecommandments be violated by their companions.

*  *  *

At any rate, the above duty is the responsibility of the caravan clergymen, I mean, it is one of their responsibilities. Another important duty is to familiarize people with Hajj problems. Many a time one sees Hajj pilgrims who make their efforts but are ignorant of Hajj problems and then they face difficulties there. A few years after they return, they ask: "We performed our rituals this way; is our Hajj performance acceptable?" or "We did not do such and such; are we right or not? are we, still, MOHREM or not?".

The ulema must convene sessions to teach people, the Hajj rites and rituals; explain to them the compulsory rites and the forbidden acts, in daily sessions and people are required to attend such sessions, if they exist. They should go and learn the Hajj problems, so they will not be burdened later on, when they get back home, being doubtful about whether or not their rites have been perfectly performed. Once you have learned the problems, your practices will be free from faults. This is also compulsory for all. The clergymen must discharge this responsibility and people must pursue to learn the Hajj problems. Not just say that: "We only want to make journey to Mecca, come what may". No. This is different from other places. Now, one goes on a pilgrimage to a shrine. It does not matter if his pilgrimage ends up to nothing. He will not face a serious porblem then. But in this Place, he will face problems. He will remain MOHREM. He will have to make another Hajj pilgrimage, then. This kind of problems will arise, and pursue to learn them for your own sake, so that you will not default and fall into difficulties later on. This, too, is another matter of concern.

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