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Indoctrinations and Enlightenments During Hajj

O Orators! O! Writers! Relate to your brethren, your regional social and political problems, at the great congregations of ARAFAT, MASH'AR, MENA, Mecca, the dignified, and Medina, the lustrous, and ask for mutual assistance.

O! Pilgrims to the House of God!   Make known to the world inhabitants, the conspiracies of the Right and the Left, especially the plunderer and agressor America and the criminal Israel. Give accounts of their armies and seek help. Plea for God's mercy and grace for betterment of the Muslim's conditions and severance of the criminals' hands from the Islamic countries.

The greatest pain of Islamic communities is that they have not yet perceived the real philosophy behind many divine precepts. And Hajj, notwithstanding all its secrets and magnificence has still remained as a prosaic worship and fruitless movement.

A great responsibility of the Muslims is to comprehend the actual facts about Hajj and why people must, forever, utilize parts of their material and spiritual means for its permanence. What has been described, so far, by the ignorant, the mischievous analyzers or the stipendiaries, as the philosophy of Hajj, is that, it is just a collective worship and a pilgrimage tour. And irrelevant to the Hajj is, how to live, how to fight and how to stand against the world of capitalism and communism! Irrelevant to the Hajj is, defending the Muslims and the oppressed against the despot! Irrelevant to the Hajj is, seeking remedies for the Muslims' relief from mental and physical stresses and strains!

Irrelevant to the Hajj is, that Muslims must prove themselves to be the third superpower of the world! Irrelevant to the Hajj is, stirring the Muslims to rebel against the dependent governments! Rather, Hajj is to be considered a tour to visit the "Qeblah" (i.e. Kaba) and Medina and that is all! Whereas, Hajj pilgrimage is aimed at approaching and conjoining to the owner of the House.

Hajj is not solely performance of some rites and utterance of some words; One may not reach God by prosaic words and acts. Hajj is the focus of divine cognition in which the details of Islamic politics in all instances of life, must be found. Hajj is the messager relayer, the creator and the builder of a society, free from material and spiritual wickedness. Hajj is the manifestation and repetition of of all the lovable scenes of the life of a perfect man and perfectionist society in this world, and the Hajj rituals are the life rituals and due to the fact that the world Muslim community, of whatever race or nationality they might be, must become Abrahamian in order to join the Mohammadan populace at large and unite with them. Hajj is the place for arranging, practicing and forming this monotheistic life. Hajj is the scene set for display, and the mirror for evaluation of the potentialities and material and spiritual capabilities of the Muslims.

Hajj bears a resemblance to Qur'an, in that, everybody can benefit from it, yet if the thinkers, the painstaking and the pearl-divers of the Muslim peoples, plunge into its ocean of cognitions, fear not approaching and getting into its social precepts and policies, will obtain from its oyster, the pearls of wisdom, guidance, growth and liberality and become ever saturated with its limpid wisdom and cognition.

But, what must we do and where to take this great grief, that Hajj has become deserted just as Qur'an has, and to the same extent that, that book of life, perfection and beauty has been veiled with our self-made veils and this treasure of the secrets of creation buried under tons of dust of our misapprehension and its pleasant language of friendliness and guidance and life-giving philosophy descended to the language of horror, death and grave. Hajj has also been entangled with just the same fate due to this fate millions of muslims make annual pilgrimage to Mecca, step where the Prophet (Mohammad [PBUH]), Abraham, Ismael and Hagar had stepped, but no one asks himself who have Abraham and Mohammad been, what did they do, what have their objectives been and what did they expect us to do? As though the only thing not thought of is this. Undoubtedly a lifeless Hajj, without motivation to rise and to show disgust at the pagans, to aim for unity of the Muslims and demolition of paganism and idolatry, is no Hajj. The entirety of Muslims must make every endeavor to revive Hajj and the holy Qur'an and enter them into their life, and the dedicated researchers must try to discard all the alleged fabrications and the superstitions textures of courtier ulema, by presenting accurate and genuine elucidations of the philosophy of Hajj.

This year, being at the threshold of the Islamic Republic anniversary, it is necessary that the ulema, the orators and the learned, explicate this holy movement and the objectives of Iranian muslims being the establishment of an Islamic sovereignty, under the banner of Islam and the guidance of the holy Qur'an and the noble Prophet, as possibly the muslims of other countries, may be unaware of the profundity of the Iranian Islamic movement, as a result of unfair foreign propagada. Make it known to our Muslim brothers that we think of nothing save Islam and sovereignty of a just and Islamic ruling system.

The  honorable  Hajj  pilgrims  of the  Islamic  revolutionary country of Iran  must convey the  outcries  of the  brave and self-sacrificing strivers of this noble nation to the world muslims convened at that general muslim assembly and require them to be messengers of the message of the Iranian nation to  all the oppressed   nations   of  the  world  and   make   all   the  world's inhabitants  hear the  "YA-LAL MUSLIMIN"  clamor  of this revolutionary nation. Enlighten them that the Iranian nation implore the entirety of muslims for help, not for their own national or regional interests, but for those of the world of Islam. Today Islam is entangled with conspiracies of the criminal world plunderers. If the muslims do not succeed to build an Iranian dam against them by Islamic ties, then this devastating flood of atheism and blasphemy will take all.

It is necessary for the honorable clerics, and the dedicated writers and orators to defend Islam and the Islamic Revolution of Iran in confrontation with the poisoned propaganda of the mass media adherent to America and Israel, against Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and present to the world inhabitants its true feature and the achievements of the dedicated nation of Iran, in spite of all the entanglements and hindrances raised by enemies of Islam, both the insiders and the outsiders. Enlighten people and reveal the unfair accusations brought up by the propaganda trumpets against this nation; disclose the conspiracies of America and its affiliates; relate to the world inhabitants, the encroachment of Saddam's army upon us, as ordered by America and supported by its affiliated countries and enlighten the Muslims as to what has befallen Islam and the Muslims by the hands of some Americanized rulers, worst of which is the official recognition of Israel after its savage incursion on the Islamic country of Lebanon and martyring and disabling tens of thousands of innocent defenseless people.

Perhaps the nations preclude such tragic events that bring shame upon muslims before the today's world and future generations and deliver Islam and muslims from this grave disdain and themselves from this disgusting humilintion and disdain, reminiscence of which will shake any zealous Muslim.

On this valuable occasion, the repectable clerics and the Hajj communicators must play an effective role in transmitting the experiences of revolution and presenting political procedures, by the grace of ordinances of Qur'an, and the considerably effective role of the Islamic clergies in leadership of the society.

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