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The Moments of Fatima's (s.a.) Demise

As she lay dying, it is supposed that Fatima (peace be upon her) remembered all her past and analyzed the file of her life once again at the night of her death:

-She remembered her childhood, sitting near her father, dusting her father’s head and face, and crying for her father’s loneliness.

-She remembered witnessing her mother’s demise while Fatima (peace be upon her) was so young and going pale with the sorrow of her death.

-She remembered marrying Ali while he was poor and trying not to neglect his right even a moment. She was Ali’s confident everywhere and even discerned the rope round his neck.

-She remembered witnessing the diversion of the society after her father’s demise, contradictory to the Prophet’s purpose, caused by the transgression and injustice of the Caliphs.

-She remembered the Prophet’s recommendation about her, but after a short time, the audacious enemy was impudent to her, usurped her right, made her arm black, and aborted her foetus.

And Now At The Time Of Her Death:

she has no relish towards the people but a great enthusiasm towards the mercy of Allah. Her heart is broken and is objectionable towards what is happening.

She has four children of tender years; the children, who need their mother and care.

Ali (peace be upon him) at the Time of Fatima’s Demise:

Ali (peace be upon him) sat beside Fatima (peace be upon her) on the last day of Fatima’s life at dusk. Although he was as a dam in front of the difficulties, and a mountain of resistance, he blew out crying when seeing Fatima’s status. Fatima (peace be upon her) came to her senses, and a dialogue took place between them:

-O, my cousin, are you?

-Yes, dear Fatima, it’s me.

-This is the ninth year of our marriage.

- Yes, O my dear Fatima.

-I did my best to be a fidle and sincere wife, didn’t I?

-Yes, dear Fatima; your esteem, your knowledge, and your fidelity were praiseworthy. You were more honorable than everyone

(At this time, both Ali (peace be upon him) and Fatima (peace be upon her) cried. Fatima (peace be upon her) got unconscious, and when came to her senses again and found Ali crying above her head. She went on:

-My cousin, is that you?

-Yes, dear Fatima. How are you?

-Dear Ali, I want to make a will.

-Tell me Fatima.

-My will is about my children. After my death, marry Amame, my niece, because my children are more accustomed with her. Bury me at night, and do not let the enemy attend my funeral ceremony or say prayer on me.

Then, Ali started reciting Yasin Sura (from the holy Quran). Fatima then closed eyes forever.

Ali (peace be upon him) in Fatima’s Burial:

According to Fatima’s will, Ali (peace be upon him) buried her at night. While burying her, Ali (peace be upon him) said to the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants), “O, the Messenger of Allah, your daughter joined you so soon. Now, I have remained lonely with the grief of Fatima (peace be upon her)’s death; the clouds of grief have fallen their shadows over my heart, and the nights will pass to me with anxiety and restlessness. I will company this heart vending grief until Allah invites me to Himself. O, Messenger of Allah! Ask your daughter how a group of your Omma allied together to oppress and usurp her right…. Ask her about her black arm, and broken side,….”

Ali (peace be upon him) on the Fatima’s Grave:

After Fatima’s burial, Ali (peace be upon him) felt the pain of seperation and got impatient. Nothing could console him on her grave except two Rakats of prayer as well as the verse “ ... ”.

Ali (peace be upon him) did not only lose his wife but his confidant and partner.

Ali’s crying on her grave was an incarnation of a powerful emotion, overcoming his natural forces on her grave, Ali (peace be upon him) addressed her, “dear Zahra! I leave you but not because I do not like your company, and if I settle near your grave is not because I have lost my patience, for I am hopeful with Allah’s promise concerning the patience.”

Yes, whenever he wanted to console his soul, he went to her grave and opened his heart to her.

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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